AbanteCart 1.2 Beta is released

  • Friday, 28 November 2014 00:00
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We are very excited to announce release of new AbanteCart v1.2 beta. Since last announcement of alpha version we have made a number of fixes and tests.

Version 1.2 is the best work we have ever done with new improved UI and making AbanteCart 100% mobile ecommerce solution.

We are looking forward to know your opinion and feedback on our product and report any possible issues or suggestions.

Get involved and help us make AbanteCart 1.2 bug free prior of its production version release. Everyone can join the effort to try, test run and help our community efficiently resolve any outstanding issues.

Where to download AbanteCart 1.2 Beta?

AbanteCart 1.2 beta can be downloaded on our Github repository. Download ZIP

How to help?

We are looking for help testing AbanteCart 1.2 to find any bugs that might have been missed, locating any text typos or misspellings or missed translations.

In addition to testing, we welcome suggestions to further improvements. If improvements do not require substantial rework, we can include in this release or add them to next once.

How to report an issue?

If you do encounter an issue with AbanteCart 1.2, please report it by registering on our bug tracker and our team will work on the issue. Please check first if an issue you have found hasn't already been reported or resolved.

Feedback and ideas

First of, we would like to thank users on the forum who provided valuable feedback and helped transition from Alpha stage to Beta.

AbanteCart 1.2 is closed for any new features at this time, but we continue to look for new ideas and features to include in future versions of AbanteCart. Please continue to suggest new ideas on our forum.

What about older versions?

Good news, core upgrade will be available with final release of AbanteCart 1.2.

As for upgrade of extensions, we have tried very hard to preserve backward compatibility, but since we move to Bootstrap and HTML5 admin, some extensions will require update for HTML part. We will work on upgrade instructions for developers.

NOTE: Even though, majority of the problems in AbanteCart 1.2 beta has beed resolved, we do not advise installing AbanteCart 1.2 on a live stores just yet. The official AbanteCart 1.2 version will be released in mid December and will be ready for live stores.

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