AbanteCart 1.2 is finally released

  • Saturday, 13 December 2014 00:00
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We are very excited to announce arrival of new AbanteCart v1.2. Many hours has been spent in the past few month to design and develop new version of AbanteCart.

Version 1.2 is the best work we have ever done with new improved UI and 100% mobile interface for administration and for storefront. Many features are introduced in new version. Check AbanteCart v1.2 out in the demo or download your own free copy.

Where to download AbanteCart 1.2? 

AbanteCart 1.2 can be downloaded at Sourceforge or on our Github repository. Download ZIP

Feedback and ideas 

First of, we would like to thank users on the forum who provided valuable feedback. We have considered most of suggestions and apologize if we could not accommodate all the requests and suggestion. 

We continue to look for new ideas and features to include in future versions of AbanteCart. Please continue to suggest new ideas on our forum.

What about older versions?

Good news, core upgrade from 1.1.9 to new version 1.2 will be available soon.

As for upgrade of extensions, we have tried very hard to preserve backward compatibility, but since we move to Bootstrap and HTML5 admin, some extensions will require update for HTML part. We are working on upgrade instructions for developers. 

Enjoy new AbanteCart 1.2 and stay connected

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