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New AbanteCart version and upgrade package are now available for download or upgrade inside your existing AbanteCart

See below release notes: Release Notes:  Version 1.0.3
Updates In this version:

  • Update languages and more clear message on missing translations
  • Language definitions bugfixes
Control Panel:
  • Update Shipping methods to allow product level settings
  • Allow Free Product Shipping, Individual Product shipping and Fixed Product Price shipping
  • Fixed import/export issues
  • Fixed marketplace iframe in IE browser
  • Added warning at installation stage for non-writable Backup directory, added error messages for import/export.
  • Added warning at installation stage for non-writable Backup directory
  • Jquery flot axis labels js-file added
  • Jqgrid upgrade up to 4.3.3
  • Custom layout for categories, products, brands bugfix.
  • Response controller for help button for extensions added.
  • Added hook for order_attributes extension, fixed issue in checboxgroup.tpl (added attribute for input tag), fixed some other issues
  • JavaScript number formatting fix
  • Extension list sorting bugfix
  • Subtract stock option bug fix
  • Grid's filter fields now align by column alignment
  • UI minor fixes
  • Fixes in order history and guest checkout
  • Summary info added into order confirm page in main block
  • Product page stock status changes
  • Zip/postal code now required field in account form
  • Fixed issue with ignoring Privacy Policy agreement checkbox on creation account
  • ui minor fixes
Core Extensions:
  • Banner extension added to distributive
  • Cheque / Money Order. Order status bugfix.
  • Extensions: Bank transfer extension added
  • Updating USPS and Flat shipping, Fedex,UPS, Weight Based shipping. Update shipping methods to work with product level shipping settings.
  • UI minor fixes
New AbanteCart version and upgrade package are now available for download or upgrade inside your existing AbanteCart

See below release notes: Release Notes:  Version 1.0.1
Major In this version:
  • Control Panel: Extension store update to use real marketplace in connection with Algozone partnership.
  • AData class to manage quick and bulk data extract and update Formats: multidimensional Array, nested XML, CSV
  • Control Panel: Data Import/Export feature
  • Language improvement. Clone of language dynamic date between languages 
  • Improvement in Attributes and options. 
  • Various improvements and fixes. See below:

Upgrade version Beta 0.9.1

New AbanteCart version and upgrade package is now available for download or upgrade

See below release notes:
  • design and UI fixes
  • fix template preview load in admin
  • fix custom HTML block parameters in edit form saved wrong when choose another content language.
  • message manager convert links bugfix
  • package installer rewrote with ABackup usage.
  • payment extension default_authorizednet_aim "x_invoice_num" parameter added. (In fact it is order id)
New AbanteCart version 1.1.2 and upgrade package are now available for download or upgrade inside your existing AbanteCart

See below release notes: Release Notes:  Version 1.1.2
Updates In this version:

New Features and improvements summary:
  • Language Auto Translate. Ability to translate or copy language text definitions or data descriptions in automatic mode based on various settings
  • Add new HTML form fields and other elements for extension development.
  • Improved Import/Export
  • Improved Resource Library
  • Improved Security
  • install/upgrade history download file by expired session bug fix
  • language manager related bug fixes
  • php.ini memory_limit set to 64M.
  • method getAttributes of class AAttribute renamed to getAttributesByType
  • session cookie now have additional parameters (path, secure, http_only)
  • fixed issue with resource_library, getLastId for resource_map returned 0.
  • incorrectly configured domain bug fix and notice update
  • Alanguage getActiveLanguage method bug fix
  • Alanguage autoloadDefinitions bugfix. Extension manager bugfix related on broken config of any extension. Ahtml minor changes.
  • listing_manager split to Alisting and Alisting_manager
  • Added form field types 'Countries' and 'Zones';
  • Fix issue with single non-English language
  • Restructure language class and introduce translation wrapper to languages
  • Added 'form/date.tpl' for admin and storefront and jquery/ui-datepicker plugin for storefront
  • Implemented DateHtmlElement, added form/date.tpl to admin and storefront templates
  • 'field_values' table structure and class AForm that works with it are changed. Added new field types into HTML class.
  • Fixed resource_library issue, resource_map table will be inserted after resource_library.
  • Fixed issue with predefined value for input, textarea, etc.
  • Added attribute aform_field_type="captcha" for captcha html element.
  • Set import auto detect insert or update based on unique key data present in import
  • Number of small bug fixes and improvements
New AbanteCart version and upgrade package are now available for download or upgrade

See below release notes: Release Notes: BETA Version 0.9.2 Major In this version:
  • Global Attributes. To provide more scalable solution to set global attributes to be used in various parts of application. Now Only Product Options are supporting global attributes
  • Custom Blocks for Data listing. Provided ability to build custom and automatic listings of data on any page and any block location. Supporting, product, categories, brands and media items listing.
  • Improved selection of products/categories/brands for multivalue type data fields.
  • Improved Control panel grid load speed and overall load for pages.
  • Various improvements and fixes. See below:
New AbanteCart version and upgrade package are now available for download or upgrade

See below release notes: Release Notes: Version 1.0 RC1
Major In this version:
  • Licensing change from GPL to Open Software License (OSL 3.0). Visit:
  • Storefront API Beta version. API to offer JSON RESTFul connectivity to storefront to empower AbanteCart with mobile application envelopment and customers mobile access
  • Updated example data set
  • Final step to stable release
  • Various improvements and fixes. See below:

Storefront API

API Manual and reference guide


AbanteCart Storefront API is included in core code distribution starting version 1.0.0. API is RESTful based with JSON as a primary data document format. API supports both HTTP and HTTPS protocols along with extra security if using API key configured in the control panel of AbanteCart.

API build to provide same features as regular AbanteCart storefront and offer remote or mobile platforms to access shopping cart and perform light weight eCommerce requests.

API includes product (catalog) and customer side support. These includes browsing categories, products, attributes as well as create new customer account, login, add to cart and place orders.

New AbanteCart version and upgrade package are now available for download or upgrade inside your existing AbanteCart

See below release notes: Release Notes:  Version 1.1.0
Updates In this version:

New Features and improvements summary:
  • Stock tracking and product and options auto-disabling with no stock
  • Stock quantity details in API
  • Admin quick look up for easy and fast data access
  • Quick edit dialog for settings and language definitions
  • Nested listing added to admin categories, menu and global attributes.
  • Improved settings and store management.
  • Improved data Import/Export
  • Coupon usage is now reported per each coupon.
  • Added warning if leaving page with unsaved edited form details.
  • Language issue fix for api requests
  • Tax rate description now not required field. If it not set tax_class title will be taken. Tax class cache issue fix. Minor mailing bugfix.
  • Added orders total's type.
  • Increased recommended memory_limit to 128Mb
  • Alog class improvements.
  • Added block wrapper processing and management. Old block wrapper form field renamed to "block framed"
  • Fix for "no_image" issue.
  • Cache file with store's settings renamed to "". Settings cache cleaning is improved.
  • Ajax responses updated to validate data in the requests. 406 HTTP-status code is returned with json formatted string instead plain text.
  • Subcategories custom layout bugfix
  • Cart Class performance improvement. Reduce load on repetitive requests
  • Organized config settings into config manager. Cleaning init.php and move config load to AConfig class constructor
  • Cleaned up index.php and init.php file to perform clear tasks
Control Panel:
  • Fix for stock tracking functionality for options.
  • Making product model as not required data
  • Added settings to display stock and model
  • Improvements and bug fixes to parent/child attributes.
  • Fixed form for creation new user for admin panel.
  • JavaScript number formatting disabled due to instability in case of other languages formatting
  • IE related JavaScript bugfixes
  • IE memory leak fix with jqgrid.
  • Menu language loading set to silent mode
  • Coupon form now contain info about total coupon usage. Extension: PayPal pro & PayPal pro uk bug fix.
  • Quick save added for order details fields
  • Extension edit form changes. Required mark added for form fields.
  • Mail send added for customer approval ( save and quick save )
  • Product option value's resource processing bug fix
  • Permission related improvements.
  • Multistore cache bugfix
  • Settings and store management changes
  • Settings grid now have quick edit dialog
  • Form multivalue field ui bug fix
  • Submit form preventing added for "quicksave" by JavaScript
  • Add permission wrapper methods canAccess and canModify. Add JSON error handler to generic error class
  • design/blocks tab link bug fix
  • New parameter "default numbers of rows for all grids" added in settings.
  • Banner manager now installed by default
  • Location zones edit bug fix.
  • Aconnect class changed. Now works in php safe mode. Package installer minor fixes.
  • Jquery upgraded to 1.7.2
  • jquery-ui upgraded to 1.8.22
  • Custom css for jqgrid and jquery ui elements now placed in stylesheet folder.
  • Quick suggestions added for global search input field.
  • Message manager grid batch deleting bugfix
  • Extension list changes. Clear message for broken extension was added.
  • Blocks grid changed. Filtering and stats added.
  • Error log file now shows only last 500 Kb in system->logs->error log menu.
  • Small fix for getOrderStatuses
  • Fixed Spanish translations of order statuses on system->localization->order statuses page.
  • Fixed texts on buttons in message popup window.
  • Location zones list rebuild by jqgrid. Layout form and product options list ui-bugfix.
  • Installation package warning message extended.
  • Added extensions filter by store in the grid listing
  • Adding Grid Tree listing for parent / child data
  • Update to settings and store section
  • Stock Quantity request for storefront API
  • Bug fix and clean up in Import/export
  • Layout saving improvement to preserve location of blocks. Hide section if missing in layout
  • Fixed javaScript error "jq_model[index] is undefined". Var align will be set to 'middle' if jq_model[index] is undefined.
  • Add warning on page leaving if form is edited.
  • product-to-category saving bugfix
  • reports->sale sorting bugfix.
  • Fix storefront (admin) to be centered if fixed width storefront setting is used.
  • Added response controller for adding products without any options to cart directly from listing by ajax (if ajax cart enabled in the settings)
  • featured product list bugfix. Now selects only enabled products.
  • Pagination bugfix
  • product page additional image full size bugfix
  • Hook var hk_html_attribute added to page.tpl. This is to add attributes to HTML tag for pages
  • Various ui bugfixes
  • Improve language and currency selector
  • PayPal standard. Checks for malicious orders added. Fix for permission error in the listing grid

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