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New AbanteCart version 1.1.4 and upgrade package are now available for download or upgrade inside your existing AbanteCart

See below release notes: Release Notes:  Version 1.1.4
Updates In this version:

New Features and improvements summary:
  • Customer's data encryption class with API.
  • Login name based customer authentication option.
  • Bank Transfer payment extension
  • Admin API to view customers and orders details.
  • Data Encryption Manager Extension (Beta)
  • Advanced extension settings data validation.
  • Added CVV help image for credit card payment methods. 
  • Cross site scripting vulnerability fix and improvement.


  • - cross-site scripting vulnerability fix
  • - SSL private/public key based encryption class with API
  • - Customer's data encryption class with API.
  • - engine resource bug fix of incorrect result of getting resource list by object name and id
  • - getUrl() bugfix related to expired session and constant HTTP_SERVER
  • - extension's settings validation added. Now you can you <pattern_validate/> entity of item of config.xml file for check setting data by regex pattern. Also you can write your validate.php file with function settingsValidation to do more advanced validation.
  • - now store owner can import data when encryption is enabled.
  • - changes and bugfixes related to auto-translation
  • - extension manager refactoring. validateInstalled() renamed to isExtensionInstalled()
  • - Fixed bug with depended extensions sating ON, when main extension turned OFF.
  • - Prevent extension status to be set ON if dependency or required settings data is missing
  • - init.php changed. bugfix related to language loading order.
  • - utils.php DateTime::createFromFormat method call replaced by wrapper for php 5.2.
  • - phpdoc comments added to Registry class
  • - encryption library phpdoc comments changed
  • - package manager changes. Chmod to 777 for core files during upgrade added.
  • - fix for total and tax class sorting
  • - Update error if disabled extension block is in layout
  • - Fix for product_tags saving and auto-translation
  • - config manager minor bugfix. type cast for upload max size value added
  • - sale->coupons. Status will set to off for deprecated coupons. based on date range
  • - minor bug-fix related to number_format function(type casting added).
  • - coupon and product edit page. datepicker bugfix
  • - order details page. shipping method changing disabled. Now just plain text shows instead selectbox.
  • - SEO key auto generation based on product name bugfix on product's edit page.
  • - order details minor UI fix (shipping list selectbox of orders without shipping now will shows 'none' as 1st item)
  • - All language_definitions for extension will be deleted during uninstall process of extension
  • - saving of content page with enabled auto-translate bug fix
  • - Fixed issue with non defined extension_id, when install uploaded extension and it has dependent extension.
  • - package installer changed. Now detailed error shows when dependencies of extension are not valid
  • - extension edit page, help text by push button now can have content with URLs like this #admin#rt=...
  • - date form fields changed to formatted by language settings on product discounts, product specials, sales report and extension edit pages.
  • - minor fixed related to warning in log

  • - "framed" layout option added for listing blocks based on tpl files for blocks of template.
  • - guest checkout success page: link to contact form fixed
  • - guest checkout step #2 with auto selecting of shipping bug-fix.
  • - changed image for ajax adding of product to cart.
  • - shipping page auto-select option bugfix (incorrect work with multi-optional shipping methods). Extensions: FedEx test setting added
  • - order invoice history. date format for display changed. Now based on language settings

Core Extensions:
  • - Data Encryption Manager Extension (Beta)
  • - Bank transfer extension is added
  • - banner-manager duplication on creating bugfix
  • - FedEx default extension bugfixes (production bugfix + error reporting). Also help note added. config.xml now contain phpmodules entity with soap as required php-lib for
  • - Corrected Default settings of payment order statuses.
  • - 2Checkout bug fixes and improvements.Update text and encryption manual
  • - default_royal_mail rates changed.
New AbanteCart version 1.1.3 and upgrade package are now available for download or upgrade inside your existing AbanteCart

See below release notes: Release Notes:  Version 1.1.3
Updates In this version:

New Features and improvements summary:
  • Minimum and Maximum limits for order totals.
  • Maximum products quantity limit
  • Regular and Guest Checkout UI improvement
  • Relationship of shipping methods to payment methods and auto-selection settings.
  • Improved tax rate flexibility
  • Many new features in extension developer tools
  • Extension manager and package manager improvements
    Fix for validation of new extension, type collision bug fix, fix for dependencies validation and children extensions auto-disable if parent is disabled
  • Fix for backup load of targz class
  • User permissions bug fix
  • Session cookie bug fix related to mounted drive
  • Layout manager import xml improvements and bug fixes
  • JASON class bug fix
  • Currency minor bug fix
  • Fix. Removing layouts correctly if deleting products, categories or manufacturers using import/export
  • New functions for dates formatting
  • Total extensions edit page bug fixes.
  • Improvement to totals calculation sequence. Added calculation order setting.
  • Cart class fixes and performance improvement.
  • Clearing cache after package installation added
  • Added hooks to various places in the controllers and templates.
  • API controller minor bug fix
  • Multi-value settings support added to extension settings.
  • Updates related to PHPdoc compliance
  • Admin menu control minor fix.
  • Fix for language missing translations process
  • Update to banner manager. Add expiration and future date highlight
  • Bug fix related to list of enabled templates
  • Resource Library bug fix
  • Date formatted on product edit page.
  • Install upgrade history minor changes
  • Cookie for currency is now disabled for admin
  • Fix for package installer in case of XAMPP
  • Uploading extension bug fix
  • Update Manufacture block to show manufacture icon on product details page
  • Added meta keywords to main page managed in details settings
  • Fix. Email set to customer with account approval
  • Storefront menu control minor fix.
  • Improved pagination for search result
Core Extensions:
  • Update to 2checkout(2CO) payment and default_twocheckout is discontinued. One more reason to use AbanteCart, you can save on 2checkout fees if use promo code ABANTECART2CO
  • FedEx error logging improved
New AbanteCart version 1.1.1 and upgrade package are now available for download or upgrade inside your existing AbanteCart

See below release notes: Release Notes:  Version 1.1.1
Updates In this version:

Important upgrade note:  This time it is not simple automatic upgrade inside admin. We recommend manual file replacement from "code" directory inside the upgrade package to your AbanteCart main directory. 

If you still want to try automatic install in admin, please replace 2 files below before running upgrade. 
File to replace before in admin upgrade: /admin/controller/pages/tool/package_installer.php and /core/helper/utils.php

Have your 4GB Pentium dual-core laptop running upgraded software versions for better eCommerce platform integration

New Features and improvements summary:
  • Extensions file upload and install from public URL
  • AbanteCart initial installation improvement. Added progress bar.
  • AAttribute getAttributes renamed to getAttributesbyType because AAttribute_Manages has method getAttributes too and try to override it with runtime notice.
  • targz library bugfix
  • package manager & AConnect bugfix. Now when gets file we use socket instead curl for getting HTTP-headers with file-name(content-disposition).
  • package installer bugfix. Upgrade extension related. APromotion changes. Added 2 types of bonuses (free products and discount on products)
  • Fixed AResourceManager::setType method - do nothing if $type is empty.
  • Fixed AWeight::getUnit method
Control Panel:
  • package installer minor ui changes and better permissions handling
  • Aform input file minor bugfix
  • extension manager version check bugfix
  • package manager changed. Added agreement to install version incompatible version. Package uploading added in extension install page. Common function versionCompare added into core/helper/utils.php Updater and package installer use it now.
  • quick edit saving fix
  • language load form submit made with ajax
  • ALanguage cloning definitions bugfix
  • resource upload clear error text added for permissions problem
  • banner images size bug fix
  • Global attributes UI bug fix
New AbanteCart version and upgrade package are now available for download or upgrade inside your existing AbanteCart

See below release notes: Release Notes:  Version 1.0.4
Updates In this version:

  • All US states added into install.sql as location's zones by default
  • Language and currency switch bug fix related to seo-url
Control Panel:
  • install-upgrade-history now gets non-direct link for archives.
  • localization zones edit page changed. Now multiple zones can be at once.
  • Resource Library cache changes.
  • Resource Library UI changes. Quick link "select" added to edit and info boxes
  • Global search result pagination bug fix.
  • language definition management changes. Database: ac_language_definitions now have unique index.
  • package installer changes. Now directories and files list will show in ftp warning during installation process.
  • aform resource field tpl ui fix
  • price and other float numbers formatting bug fix
  • system() call bug fix.
  • Fixed required fields on extensions settings page have been ignored
  • Fixed global search input in IE
  • Minor translation bug fixes
  • Quantity decreasing bugfix for non-subtracted products without options after order confirm.
  • Listing block with auto listing limitation bugfix
  • Seo url special chars bugfix
  • Subcategory seo url
  • Fix for storefront menu external links.
  • Minor UI bug fixes
Core Extensions:
  • Error message added for wrong state or country code in FedEx extensions settings
  • UPS translation bugfix
New AbanteCart version and upgrade package are now available for download or upgrade inside your existing AbanteCart

See below release notes: Release Notes:  Version 1.0.2
Updates In this version:
  • Storefront: incorrect price display in custom block with products bugfix
  • Storefront: Fixes in order history and guest checkout
  • Control Panel + Storefront: added hook vars to customer_group edit form and to account creation
  • Control Panel: Fixed import/export issues 
  • Control Panel: extension store. Frame border now invisible in IE8. 
  • Control Panel: ui minor fixes
  • Control Panel: Added warning at installation stage for non-writable Backup directory in import/export, added error messages for import/export.
  • Extensions: Bank transfer extension added
  • Extensions: Cheque / Money Order. Order status bug fix.
New AbanteCart version and upgrade package are now available for download or upgrade inside your existing AbanteCart

See below release notes: Release Notes:  Version 1.0.3
Updates In this version:

  • Update languages and more clear message on missing translations
  • Language definitions bugfixes
Control Panel:
  • Update Shipping methods to allow product level settings
  • Allow Free Product Shipping, Individual Product shipping and Fixed Product Price shipping
  • Fixed import/export issues
  • Fixed marketplace iframe in IE browser
  • Added warning at installation stage for non-writable Backup directory, added error messages for import/export.
  • Added warning at installation stage for non-writable Backup directory
  • Jquery flot axis labels js-file added
  • Jqgrid upgrade up to 4.3.3
  • Custom layout for categories, products, brands bugfix.
  • Response controller for help button for extensions added.
  • Added hook for order_attributes extension, fixed issue in checboxgroup.tpl (added attribute for input tag), fixed some other issues
  • JavaScript number formatting fix
  • Extension list sorting bugfix
  • Subtract stock option bug fix
  • Grid's filter fields now align by column alignment
  • UI minor fixes
  • Fixes in order history and guest checkout
  • Summary info added into order confirm page in main block
  • Product page stock status changes
  • Zip/postal code now required field in account form
  • Fixed issue with ignoring Privacy Policy agreement checkbox on creation account
  • ui minor fixes
Core Extensions:
  • Banner extension added to distributive
  • Cheque / Money Order. Order status bugfix.
  • Extensions: Bank transfer extension added
  • Updating USPS and Flat shipping, Fedex,UPS, Weight Based shipping. Update shipping methods to work with product level shipping settings.
  • UI minor fixes
New AbanteCart version and upgrade package are now available for download or upgrade inside your existing AbanteCart

See below release notes: Release Notes:  Version 1.0.1
Major In this version:
  • Control Panel: Extension store update to use real marketplace in connection with Algozone partnership.
  • AData class to manage quick and bulk data extract and update Formats: multidimensional Array, nested XML, CSV
  • Control Panel: Data Import/Export feature
  • Language improvement. Clone of language dynamic date between languages 
  • Improvement in Attributes and options. 
  • Various improvements and fixes. See below:

Upgrade version Beta 0.9.1

New AbanteCart version and upgrade package is now available for download or upgrade

See below release notes:
  • design and UI fixes
  • fix template preview load in admin
  • fix custom HTML block parameters in edit form saved wrong when choose another content language.
  • message manager convert links bugfix
  • package installer rewrote with ABackup usage.
  • payment extension default_authorizednet_aim "x_invoice_num" parameter added. (In fact it is order id)
New AbanteCart version 1.1.2 and upgrade package are now available for download or upgrade inside your existing AbanteCart

See below release notes: Release Notes:  Version 1.1.2
Updates In this version:

New Features and improvements summary:
  • Language Auto Translate. Ability to translate or copy language text definitions or data descriptions in automatic mode based on various settings
  • Add new HTML form fields and other elements for extension development.
  • Improved Import/Export
  • Improved Resource Library
  • Improved Security
  • install/upgrade history download file by expired session bug fix
  • language manager related bug fixes
  • php.ini memory_limit set to 64M.
  • method getAttributes of class AAttribute renamed to getAttributesByType
  • session cookie now have additional parameters (path, secure, http_only)
  • fixed issue with resource_library, getLastId for resource_map returned 0.
  • incorrectly configured domain bug fix and notice update
  • Alanguage getActiveLanguage method bug fix
  • Alanguage autoloadDefinitions bugfix. Extension manager bugfix related on broken config of any extension. Ahtml minor changes.
  • listing_manager split to Alisting and Alisting_manager
  • Added form field types 'Countries' and 'Zones';
  • Fix issue with single non-English language
  • Restructure language class and introduce translation wrapper to languages
  • Added 'form/date.tpl' for admin and storefront and jquery/ui-datepicker plugin for storefront
  • Implemented DateHtmlElement, added form/date.tpl to admin and storefront templates
  • 'field_values' table structure and class AForm that works with it are changed. Added new field types into HTML class.
  • Fixed resource_library issue, resource_map table will be inserted after resource_library.
  • Fixed issue with predefined value for input, textarea, etc.
  • Added attribute aform_field_type="captcha" for captcha html element.
  • Set import auto detect insert or update based on unique key data present in import
  • Number of small bug fixes and improvements
New AbanteCart version and upgrade package are now available for download or upgrade

See below release notes: Release Notes: BETA Version 0.9.2 Major In this version:
  • Global Attributes. To provide more scalable solution to set global attributes to be used in various parts of application. Now Only Product Options are supporting global attributes
  • Custom Blocks for Data listing. Provided ability to build custom and automatic listings of data on any page and any block location. Supporting, product, categories, brands and media items listing.
  • Improved selection of products/categories/brands for multivalue type data fields.
  • Improved Control panel grid load speed and overall load for pages.
  • Various improvements and fixes. See below: