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AbanteCart 1.2 Alpha is released

We are very excited to announce arrival of new AbanteCart v1.2 in the alpha state. Many hours has been spent in the past few month to design and develop new version.

Version 1.2 is the best work we have ever done with new improved UI and making AbanteCart 100% mobile ecommerce solution.

We are looking forward to know your opinion and feedback on our product and report any possible issues or suggestions.    

Get involved and help us make AbanteCart 1.2 bug free prior of its production version release. Everyone can join the effort to try, test run and help our community efficiently resolve any outstanding issues.


Where to download AbanteCart 1.2 Alpha? 

AbanteCart 1.2 alpha can be downloaded on our Github repository. Download ZIP


How to help?

We are looking for help testing AbanteCart 1.2 to find any bugs that might have been missed, locating any text typos or misspellings or missed translations. 

In addition to testing, we welcome suggestions to further improvements. If improvements do not require substantial rework, we can include in this release or add them to next once. 


How to report an issue?

If you do encounter an issue with AbanteCart 1.2, please report it by registering on our bug tracker and our team will work on the issue. Please check first if an issue you have found hasn't already been reported or resolved.


Feedback and ideas 

First of, we would like to thank users on the forum who provided valuable feedback. We have considered most of suggestions and apologize if we could not accommodate all the requests and suggestion. 

AbanteCart 1.2 is closed for any new features at this time, but we continue to look for new ideas and features to include in future versions of AbanteCart. Please continue to suggest new ideas on our forum.


What about older versions?

Good news, core upgrade will be available with final release of AbanteCart 1.2.

As for upgrade of extensions, we have tried very hard to preserve backward compatibility, but since we move to Bootstrap and HTML5 admin, some extensions will require update for HTML part. We will work on upgrade instructions for developers. 


NOTE: Even though, majority of the problems in AbanteCart 1.2 alpha has beed resolved, we do not advise installing AbanteCart 1.2 on a live stores just yet. The official AbanteCart 1.2 version will be released this month and will be ready for live stores.

AbanteCart open source free shopping cart introduce "Fund A Feature" program. 

Users select new core AbanteCart features they like to see in the future AbanteCart releases, and we make it happen. Our team will develop requested features and support them moving forward.  Support new feature in AbanteCart ecommerce

This is a great way to keep AbanteCart project inline with users demand and rapid techoligical development.     

Check the features that we listed now and suggest new features.

We are excited to build easy to use ecommerce platform to help any online business.

AbnateCart Team  

AbanteCart is freely available as a source code download, virtual appliance, and as part of virtual machine. This helps great deal with starting ecommerce fast, however, some installation is required and in case of server installation, hosting and domain name is required.

evaluate  ecommerce

But, what if you just want to try AbanteCart quick and play with features? Sure thing, you can use online demo, but it is shared with everyone and reset every 30 minutes. Shared demo does not give a lot of freedom to see all great features in AbanteCart and start building your site.

Now this is possible. Anyone can create a personal trial store to test features of AbanteCart and even start building ecommerce site. No need to install anything, no need for domain or hosting, no personal information is asked and no credit cards required.

Personal trial store will have personal URL and secure admin access only you will know. If you decide to make your personal site live, you can do it and any time, with no hassle migration to hosted account.

Create your personal AbanteCart demo now.

Installing AbanteCart now is even easier than before with Bitnami. Bitnami AbanteCart Stack provides a one-click install solution for AbanteCart.

With simple native app installation, anyone can have AbanteCart installed on Windows, Mac OS and Linux. This is absolutely free, easy and fun. 

Before you do any commitment to your new eCommerce site, click bitnami and give AbanteCart a test. Even if you decided to use AbanteCart it is still absolutely free and open source. 

The AbanteCart version 1.1.8 and upgrade package is now ready

We are very excited to present new AbanteCart version 1.1.8 and upgrade package. The distribution package can be downloaded or the upgrade can ran inside your existing AbanteCart.
This release contains large number of new features, updates and fixes. We recommend you try the upgrade in a test copy of AbanteCart first before applying to production sites.

AbanteCart version 1.1.8 with new features, improvements and bug fixes.

New Features and improvements summary:

  • New Improved Digital Products support (Product Downloads)
  • Admin voice command controls (beta)
  • PHP 5.4/5.5 and MySqli support
  • Adding human verified Russian language to the core
  • "Call for order" or view only mode products setting
  • Cache engine improvement
  • Countries, zones and taxes are now multi-lingual
  • Language definition add/edit improvement
  • Number of HTML5 storefront template updates and improvements

Bug fixes and improvements Core:

  • Resource library improvment
  • ACache optimization. Now file modification time use for expire time definition instead timestamp inside file name.
  • resource manager fixes related to empty descriptions of resource for fresh installed new language
  • AView fix related to coping of default template by devtools
  • added methods is_POST() and is_GET() in ARequest class
  • ALanguage changes related to import language definitions to database.
  • new feature setting "call_to_order" related fix
  • added feature setting "call_for_order" for product to control panel and storefront default templates
  • AMail lib fix related to unicode subject and sender name
  • added property-sign about currency switch
  • added phpdoc comments ACustomer class
  • added var type check to escape method of db-driver classes
  • AForm changes. form_id will append to action url of form.
  • changed ALanguageManager class.Php-doc comments added. Also changed method for pre-loading of definitions for installation process. In stall: implemented setting for db-driver(mysql or mysqli).
  • database changes related to regexp for flexy form fields and error text for that check.
  • changed method getData of AView class. Added optional parameter $key for better use by hooks. Also phpdoc comment added.
  • changed ALanguage class. Now all language definitions values can't to start and end with CRLF. (js-related rule)
  • added mysqli db-driver
  • changed AView class related to default template tpl fetching. Also added function numberDisplayFormat into engine/helper/utils.php
  • changed ExtensionAPI class. Added protected property $baseObject_method. It's a name of caller of hook method.
  • changed ALanguage class. Added "silent" mode to method get(). Also php-documentor comments added.
  • added warning for overriding of template data by values with different types.
  • added minor change into method url_encode of AHtml class + phpdoc comments
  • added new method getVirtualAProducts into ACart class
  • ALayoutManager minor fix related to error text in constructor.
  • mysql connection now will have 60 sec for wait_timeout. Also added directive output_buffering = 4096; into php.ini to prevent disablin g buffering for some php-cgi and php-cli builds of web-servers.
  • Ability to encrypt URLs with base64. Add buildFilterURI() method to filter class.
  • Devision by zero fix in utils
  • Add robots.txt to block some directories from access by search engines

Control Panel:

  • product option values sort order js-improvement
  • downloads related changes
  • product option fix related to deleted option value of global attribute
  • Resource library js-fix related to multiple usage on same page
  • uploaded filed management fix related to aform changes
  • fix for ALanguageManager related to insert of new definitions for non-default language
  • customer approve fix
  • minor fix related to regex validation of product options
  • model catalog/product minor fix
  • js-function refactoring part1. All functions now variables. It done for future overriding.
  • now paypal extension will be first in extension list after installation of cart
  • location edit page minor fix related to php-warnings
  • listing blocks minor fix related to php-warnings
  • added ampersand of URL conversion into menu controller
  • minor fix of global attribute form's tpl. Native spellchecker of browser now enabled by default in CKeditor
  • jQgrid drag bug fix with click event
  • Improvement to marketplace and search for extensions
  • Better money decimal points formatting in admin.
  • Language auto-translate fix and improvement
  • Update success/warning confirmation message to Bootstrap style
  • In resource library add view of resource files's path
  • Category deletion fix. Removal of relationship to products
  • Adding control for fallback banner in HTML5 slider
  • Improved interface for editing language definitions


  • Category menu to show images for subcategories with mouse over.
  • checkout/confirmation fix related to comments for html-view of email letter for customer.
  • icon for shipping/payment method minor fix. Forgot pass default_html5 minor fix. Core: encryption minor fix
  • minor change of default_html5 template for captcha.
  • minor changes of "contact us" controller.
  • contact us form changes related to processing of uploaded files
  • changed hook "processData" call to checkout guest_step_2 and payment controller in checkout directory.
  • default_html5 minor fix related to product listing buttons for product
  • minor fix related to html-validation
  • cart controller redirect fix
  • fixed incorrect text breadcrumb on forgotten-login-name page
  • redirect url fixed on guest checkout page Core: AResource and AResourceManager minor fix
  • guest_step_2 fix related to ignoring of agreement with policy after turning back from step3 page.
  • now default method (main) of account/forgotten is password();
  • account block data added (urls of login, register and forgot pass pages )
  • account/create form for customer.. validation improvement related to extension's hook validator
  • account block now will hide info if user is not logged
  • added "hook var" call to checkout guest tpl step2 of default templates. Also added id for table with order summary on cart page in def ault_html5 template
  • added typo fix for account/create
  • minor fixes relates to hooks call
  • Product sorting by Price includes discounted price.
  • storefront menu edit form fix related to list of content pages


  • default flat rate shipping fix related to location setting
  • added note for return URL on paypal standart settings page
  • fixed URL of COD controller (was loop redirect on confirm page when press back button)install: demo sql data consistency fix
  • PayPal Standard summery fix
  • PayPal Pro callback (IPN support implemented)
We are glad to announce partnership program at AbanteCart.

AbanteCart offers companies or individuals an opportunity to promote and sell services or extensions to eCommerce business owners worldwide or in specific geographical regions.

AbanteCart solution partners have a strong knowledge of AbanteCart platform, a broad set of design, development, integration, and marketing skills as well as eCommerce industry specifics. Companies or individuals joining the solution partner program become part of eCommerce experts who play a critical role in adoption of AbanteCart and building successful online businesses. To achieve highest level of quality service for our customers, we require partners to get best expertise in AbanteCart platform and related fields. We provide documentation and help to our Solution Partners to make sure they provide outstanding service based on AbanteCart application.

We offer three partnership levels, Platinum, Gold and Silver. Each level has unique benefits, all with the goal of connecting partners to our community and helping them succeed. Please see below the benefits our partners get.
 All AbanteCart Solution Partners play an important role in delivering the exceptional service to customers making our eCommerce platform very effective. To learn more about the AbanteCart Solution Partner program and how you can leverage our community to the success of your business, please visit or contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

To you get more details please visit partnership page

The AbanteCart version 1.1.9 and upgrade package is now ready

We are very excited to present new AbanteCart version 1.1.9 and upgrade package. The distribution package can be downloaded or the upgrade can ran inside your existing AbanteCart.
This release contains large number of new features, updates and fixes. We recommend you try the upgrade in a test copy of AbanteCart first before applying to production sites.

AbanteCart version 1.1.9 with new features, improvements and bug fixes.

New Features and improvements summary:

  • New account activation verification via email 
  • Storefront menu to support font icons and custom HTML
  • New AbanteCart marketplace integration
  • Storefront API Update
  • UI Improvements
Bug fixes and improvements Core:
  • memory usage improvement (index.php + init.php)
  • alanguage fix related to browser language detection
  • aform fix related to error message of regexp check
  • acache permissions set for nested dirs changed
  • AMessage changes related to repetitions of message
  • captcha image output fix related to http-compression
  • AConnect default timeout for curl fix
  • Fix for getting of unique seo keyword
  • AFilter fix related to overriding of data in constructor
  • fixes related to AttributeManager getAttributes method changes.
  • database now use utf8_general_ci collation by default
  • Fix for language object name conflict
  • To improve performance, auto update currency now off by default

Control Panel

  • added package manager "phar" usage for unpacking of archives
  • Resource Library Awesomefont Icons support and improvements
  • Fix for single letter domain name for email validation
  • Fix for empty comment in order email
  • CKEditor fix for <i> tags
  • Grouped options values fix
  • removing downloads fix
  • now admin can go directly to mail form from customers grid to send message for customer(s)
  • user group, permissions grid sorting fix
  • Fix for product option global attribute list limitation in select-box.
  • Resource library improvments
  • Adding clone button to product edit page
  • Better selection of newsletter mail groups


  • Direct product access if search result brings single product
  • Fix for breadcrumb in SEO URL mode.
  • sale/mail fix related to sender errors.
  • mailer subscription fix
  • Storefront API improvements. 
  • product options display fix related to zero quantity
  • href for logo changed to store url from settings (seo related)
  • order download expire date fix
  • unknown ajax error alert fix of default_html5 template
  • Fix related to API and zone bug
  • Fix for missing totals on checkout page if estimate is disabled.
  • Categories storefront view fix (in case of status OFF)
  • Add capture to newsletter subscription


  • paypal pro fix related to price rounding and total amount of order
  • encryption_manager sql fixpre-release minor fixes and cleanup
  • HTML decoding for bank transfer details
  • payment update to supper pending review.

Installation :

  • fix of session name for php as cgi mode

AbanteCart recently released a new marketplace for its open source ecommerce application. With the new marketplace, all AbanteCart users can acquire and install additional features to extend their shopping cart functionality. Marketplace offers equal opportunity for all developers to share their extensions with AbanteCart users and gain reputation with high quality workmanship and outstanding service. With easy publishing and marketing tools, developers can post free or commercial extensions to the marketplace.

As an ecommerce platform for small to medium size businesses, AbanteCart provides features that benefit businesses and consumers. It is a flexible shopping cart application with a fast growing number of extensions, which can be easily set up and managed allowing users to add virtually any service or feature to Abantecart in the near future.

AbanteCart is totally free, and since it is supported by a reliable community, users can obtain free support on the forum and help others as well. With the ecommerce platform, anyone can begin selling services or product online. No special training or experience is needed and since there are many tools available in its control panel, AbanteCart can be used with ease. It can be set to perform anything that users need to have a successful internet business and with the constantly growing number of extensions, the shopping cart can certainly go beyond any limits. Owning and running AbanteCart will not set any limits on the size of one's product inventory, traffic amount, number of customers or any other form of limitations. AbanteCart is well designed to be fast running and low resource with guaranteed security to keep one's site protected. It is also a great addition to any ecommerce related service providers, considering it's an open source nature. Depending on the user's line of business, they can include their service into AbanteCart or incorporate the shopping cart into their service line. They can develop an extension for Abantecart and provide their services within an app itself. New business can also be realized with new consumers signing for hosting to use the shopping cart. Since the app is designed to be flexible, it can be configured to meet the different needs and requirements of businesses.

With a new marketplace, the AbanteCart community will grow even faster and will allow the ecommerce platform to become the most feature-complete ecommerce app on the market. Abantecart also welcomes any passionate designers, developers, technical writers and architects to help build Abantecart to be one of the leading ecommerce apps on the market.

AbanteCart version 1.1.7 and new responsive default storefront theme

We are very excited to present new AbanteCart version 1.1.7 and upgrade package. Distribution package can be downloaded or upgrade can be ran inside your existing AbanteCart.
This release contains large number of new features, updates and fixes. We recommend to try upgrade in a test copy of AbanteCart first before applying to production sites.

AbanteCart version 1.1.7 with new features, improvements and bug fixes.

New Features and improvements summary:

  • New customers' dashboard design for HTML5 template
  • Font icons added to storefront sections 
  • Google Analytics with ecommerce tracking support 
  • Product status and condition highlight in admin listing and details page
  • Layout manager UI improvement 
  • Drag and Drop sort order in admin grids
  • Suport for shared SSL 
  • HTML5 template validation fixed
  • Many other small improvements

Bug fixes and improvements Core:

  • refactoring attribute manager and core/utils.php
  • added new setting config_ssl_url. Support forshared ssl domain.
  • replace of strtotime by wrapper function dateIso2Display. It needed for global setting of format of date and time which takes from language.xml file.
  • changed recognizing of store by requested URL. Now protocol will ignore(http and https). Added Phpdoc comments.
  • phpdoc comments added to attribute manager library
  • added regexp validation with text about errors of product options
  • global attributes + product Options changes related to validation properties of attributes.
  • language definitions changes related to google analytics code in general settings. Refs added on google-help
  • engine/extension.php bug fix related to config.xml of extension and php 5.4
  • AMail attachment headers bug fix
  • core/lib/currency.php refactored. some checks of variables and phpdoc comments added.
  • internationalization of SEO-keyword usage bug fix.
  • 2 settings added to control coupon and shipping estimate blocks dysplay (default_html5 only)
  • applying discount (core promotion) bug fix (related to calculation of total quantity of product in the cart)
  • table url_aliases (with SEO keywords) now have additional unique index to prevent duplicates
  • phpdoc comments added into Alanguage and Extension classes
  • targz.php php open tag bugfix
  • Fixed validation of the max size of the uploaded file.
  • maintenance mode storefront session for admin fix
  • phpdoc comments added to ADispatcher class
  • phpdoc comments added to ADB, AUser and MySql classes
  • fixed wrong image extension of the one of the PayPal icons upon install.
  • AResource ssl urls bugfix. (additional images had plain http-URLs instead https)
  • one of product option values now can be selected as default(for storefront product page). Also placeholder(hint text) added for some product option types such as selectbox, input.
  • Getting resources will now be ordered by rl.resource_id not just by rm.sort_order in case rm.sort_order is equal.
  • changed language definition quick edit form. Now user can not to edit "section" of definition.
  • language definitions of setting "require login name" fix
  • migration abstract class mysql connect bug fix
  • language details quick save fix. (locale)
  • package installer ftp-mode check's fix
  • menu management grid icons fix

Control Panel:

  • migration data of oscmax added
  • Update migration tool for opencart 1.5.x support
  • migration bug-fix related to oscommerce 2.2 and adding oscommerce 2.3.3
  • attribute manager sql bug-fix
  • fix related to language definitions for common(default, global) extension settings
  • Resource library fix related to id of html-elements which starts by numbers
  • fix of sorting of new added resources in Resource library.
  • fix of links on customer management pages
  • sorting by dragging in jqgrid. (appeared when all sort order numbers are zero)
  • Resource library javascript fix related to edit form 
  • Resource library edit form refactoring. Now form fields will created by aform class
  • Resource library saving details redone by ajax call. Now details use autotranslate scheme. Core: Added wrapper addJSONHeader into AResponse class.
  • minor fixes related to new css of admin template Extensions: Google Talk changes related to renaming of google talk to google hangout
  • design-layout fixes
  • fix for migration driver of CRE loaded
  • refactoring of controller for editing of listing block
  • add product count to category listing and link to product list
  • refactoring of design/content page controller
  • added product condition check in listing grid and edit page of products
  • sale/mail improved (refactoring + minor ui changes)
  • filtration of language definition grid by section bug fix
  • global attributes listing and edit page changes related to rebuilding page structure.
  • global attributes listing and edit page was rewritten. Global attribute form now broken on two parts: main attribute data and other (subform). Subform creates by another controllers: core (for product options) and extensions(for other attribute types) Core: global attribute type name now multilingual.
  • quick save settings from global search suggestion fix.
  • design/content management changed...tree grid added + edit form changed too. Core: html-factory changes. Property "disabled" added into Multiselect box class. Property is array with ids of option that disabled (supports by all browsers and IE8+)
  • common controller of grid building now contains check for column with reserved name "parent"
  • button for auto-generate added into edit forms of products, categories, manufacturers and contents. SEOencode function changed.
  • global search improvement to display setting's text instead of key name
  • button for order history of customer added in menu sale/customers
  • coupon date range fix
  • removed category name length limitation.
  • saving custom layout for categories fix
  • Block deletion of important order statuses: Canceled, Complete, Pending, Processing.
  • customer transactions bug fix. (debit/credit) 
  • notice about enabled maintenance mode for admin added.
  • download's counter fix
  • Add System Sub Menu for faster settings access.


  • added controller for newsletter subscription with tpl. Now subscribers will adds to it's own customer group. 
  • added attribute type to tag <script>
  • refactoring of controller of listing block. + sort order column added to multivaluehidden_list aform element. Now we can set sort order for selected items of custom list
  • fix related to notices about stdClass properties
  • minor bug fix related to notices about stdClass properties
  • css-changes related to product option form
  • google analytics code added 
  • Added missing loading_1.gif image and "ws_nowrap" CSS class.
  • fix related to coupon in guest checkout. Appeared when total amount is 0 but payment method was still required.
  • HTML5 template validation fixes
  • Fixes of newsletter subscription
  • refactoring of category block's controller. Also fix of category tree that appears in case when seo-support enabled.
  • fix of special products list related to language settings and product's description.
  • condition to prevent selecting of unavailable products in some methods of model catalog/product
  • added type casting into model content.php + phpdoc comments
  • validation of address data refactoring
  • default_html5 template changes related empty content inside of column left/right blocks.
  • default_html5 template changes related to hook for product listing additional buttons
  • checkout/payment controller bug fix related to "error" property access. Not it accessible for extension hook
  • default address for customer now will use for shipping estimate form on the cart page
  • template default_html5 changed. login page responsiveness bug-fixes.
  • template default_html5 changed. OneByOne main slider now loads last.
  • customer balance display bugfix related to currency conversion. Also balance applying to order will discard when some products removes from cart during session.
  • default template "create account" page fix for account policy is empty and missing continue button.


  • Update all default payments to HTML5 layout
  • Provide ability to load modals for disabled extensions. Paypal Pro is updated to configure accepted creditcards
  • Fixed credit card forms of the PayPal Pro and PayPal Pro UK extensions.
  • default_paypal_standart now have method SALE as default in settings
  • paypal pro default payment confirm buttons css fix
  • fixed PayPal Standart for processing EUR payments
  • PayPal Pro now has capture/refund features in admin order details page.
  • banner manager default_html5 tpl bugfix
  • Data Encryption extension update. Key rotation is added
  • shipping-per-item location limitation fix

AbanteCart version 1.1.5 and new responsive default storefront theme

We are very exceeded to present new AbanteCart version 1.1.5 and upgrade package. Distribution package can be downloaded or upgrade can be ran inside your existing AbanteCart.
This release contains large number of new features, updates and fixes. We recommend to try upgrade in a test copy of AbanteCart first before applying to production sites.

Release Notes:  Version 1.1.5

New Features and improvements summary:

  • - HTML5 Responsive Storefront template
  • - Basket (shopping cart) page quick tax and shipping estimate (On HTML5 template only)
  • - Basket (shopping cart) page coupon apply (On HTML5 template only)
  • - Subscription for news letter
  • - Customer's account balance and money movement transactions support.
  • - Customers' file uploads and management interface in admin. 
  • - Administrators Act on behalf of customer feature
  • - Various improvements to extension control. Global settings and ability to build custom setting pages for extensions (admin)
  • - Page load improvement 
  • - PayPal payment settings improvement related to PayPal partnership and certification.

Many more small features added listed blow:


  • - default extension's setting bugfix related to serialized values for multivalue form fields + Refactoring.
  • - applying tax for shipping bug-fix.
  • - ALayout bugfix of wrong selection of page for layout related to a few installed templates.
  • - Unsubscribe page added to storefront. Link for this page added to sale->mail page on Control Panel
  • - session settings by ini_set moved to index.php
  • - Fixed multiselected extension settings.
  • - handling fee total extension now supports percent fees
  • - engine/utils.php. Process of <disabled/> entity of config.xml of extension changed.
  • - APagination moved back for old extensions support. Will be removed in major version
  • - Warning message added to log for case when tpl file for controller not found .
  • - now using has_value() function in AResource::getResources method to be able to get resources with id = 0.
  • - default sorting setting for product listing on storefront pages added.
  • - added column 'settings' in global_attributes table, updated demo data, fixed type in sql queries.
  • - now seo-keywords for products, categories, brands and content pages are multilingual.
  • - processing of additional config items for extensions added.
  • - Customer's account balance and money movement transactions support.
  • - Language manager translation of description bugfix.
  • - bug fix for template debugger. Now info contain actual template(tpl) of block instead requested.
  • - added methods addVirtual and removeVirtual into ACart class
  • - Windows server strptime() fix
  • - Add Northern Ireland to country list with "zones"
  • - Fix for extra prefix problem in Data import/export. (v1.1.4 bug only)

Control Panel:

  • - Act on behalf of customer feature
  • - resource library popup's preview image size bugfix.
  • - fixed bug when description text for extension settings fields (type resource) was missing.
  • - custom block edit form changed. Wrapper list changed and now based on list of tpl-files that placed inside sub-directory of directory blocks.
  • - custom block edit form changed. Wrapper list changed and now based on list of tpl-files that placed inside sub-directory of directory blocks.
  • - layout_manager xml import bug fix related to positions of blocks and language of description of block
  • - model for data of manufacturers changed. (cache check bugfix)
  • - extension settings saving bugfix related to multivalue grouped checkboxes.
  • - layout saving bugfix related to priorities of children blocks of placeholder. (if delete first from list of few blocks other blocks disappeared)
  • - block edit form changes rollback(tpl selecting)
  • - layout saving bugfix related to priorities of children blocks of placeholder. (if delete first from list of few blocks other blocks disappeared)
  • - money transaction management added
  • - added hook to extend field set at 'sale/order/history'.
  • - Extended custom blocks to have any block's tpl as wrapper
  • - now ckeditor use <br> as break line instead <p> tag
  • - package installer bug fix related to deleting by empty extension_txt_id
  • - added hook 'list_more_product_last' to extend products list. Storefront: added hook 'list_more_product_last' to extend products list.
  • - permission checks bug fix related to prefixes "r" and "p" of rt-variable 
  • - updater bug fix related to inaccessible updates.xml on abantecart-server
  • - bugfix related to requests for updates.xml from
  • - removed unnecessary debug output in controller tool/files Core: removed unnecessary debug output in helper utils.php
  • - html block edit form. ckeditor startup mode changed to "source"
  • - Package installer bugfix related to ftp install procedure
  • - Package installer bugfix related to ftp install procedure
  • - added System -> Data -> File Uploads interface. Storefront: all info about uploads is now stored in datasets.
  • - added model tool/files.php, updated sale/order controller to build download link for uploaded files in order details. Storefront: updates for "file" field type.
  • - extension settings page small refactoring
  • - fixed update of the file type field in global attributes. Storefront: fixed validation of the uploaded files in product options.
  • - implemented interface for adding 'file' type global attribute, added admin/system/uploads directory. Core: added column 'settings' in global_attributes table, updated demo data, fixed type in sql queries. Storefront: implemented file uploading and file validation for product options.
  • - package installer by ftp mode improved. Release notes now shows before cart upgrade.
  • - added hook "virtuals" into order details template to show virtual products added by extensions. Storefront: template variables for cart top block are now available from extensions, added hook "virtuals" into order summary and checkout confirm template.
  • - package installer by ftp mode improved.
  • - mail settings. help text changed


  • - default_html5 template added
  • - Added hooks to buttons at the cart page to be able to add buttons before and after cart buttons.
  • - controller common/menu.php changed. cache write rebuild
  • - now listing blocks can show external resources in default_html5 template
  • - sample data size optimized
  • - model catalog/products bugfixes related to listing block's calls. Refactoring and checks of parameters added. Phpdocumentor comments added.
  • - now maintenance page can have own layout in template.
  • - Added title popup for description of the shipping method at checkout.
  • - APagination is not needed anymore in "default" template.
  • - fixed guest checkout when order total is 0 (no payment required).
  • - products are now accessible from extensions and can be hooked, fix for emailed order details with virtual products.
  • - added hook 'virtual' for virtual products at account/invoice.tpl and hook 'payment_extensions_hook' for checkout/guest_step_2.tpl
  • - Default template. hookvars to pages/account/account.tpl added
  • - Default template thickbox(js-gallery) IE bugfix related to position of popup.
  • - support for account creation for newsletter subscribers only added. Now you can use get variable subscriber=1 to open this type of form.
  • - bug fix of hard set tpl for content block
  • - added hook into cart.tpl
  • - Added hook vars "pre_contents" and "pre_contents" to have ability to add links into "Information" block
  • - skipping of payment checkout page for orders with zero total amount added.
  • - Add storefront icon support for shipping and payment extension. Support default and defaultHTML5 templates
  • - Added "Continue shopping" button for the default template.
  • - Fix for thumbnails in listing block
  • - Apply coupon and estimate shipping add taxes in the cart


  • - Add support for extension custom settings templates
  • - custom settings template for default_pp_pro_uk extension, language fixes for default_pp_pro.
  • - Royal Mail rates moved to config.xml and not managed in extension
  • - Created custom settings pages for PayPal Standard and Pro
  • - updated icons for Default PayPal extensions
  • - now ckeditor turns on in "source" mode on banner manager form
  • - "Handling fee" core extension now have ability to set fee per payment method.
  • - Small banner extension fixes
  • - Add min and max settings for payments. Improve extensions settings to have defaults