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All the features you need to start

AbanteCart empowers businesses with an eCommerce platform allowing quick set up with the online retail. No need for other services or apps.
Unlimited number of products, customers, orders, etc. Everything you need for online success is in one place.

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Manage multiple stores from single admin interface.

Stores will have separate settings, themes, products, categories, customers, etc

multi store

Mobile & Tablet optimized

AbanteCart storefront and admin is responsive by default. Your site will work no matter the device is used mobile, tablet, desktop or a large screen.

Additional themes are available on the marketplace and third party sites.



Flexible product & options

Create an unlimited number of products, attributes or options. AbanteCart is able to manage product and options with unlimited media files for each product or option combination.

Products and option types can be setup with stock tracking feature.

Attributes and options can be managed per product or globaly, allowing multiple products to share options settings.


Customize your products

You can collect additional information from the customer specific for products purchase. There is a variety of field types awailable including texts and files uploaded by your customers. You can let customers select from available options, provide their own texts, upload images, etc.


Categorize products

Help customers locating products quicly by categorizing them based on types, brand, prices, tags and categories.

Create various product lists based on conditions to automatically group matching products.

Additional extensions are available to futher improve searchability and navigation of the products


Powerful product's media

Products and other enteties can be acomponied with various media types, such as images, videos and other files as well as HTML codes. AbanteCart makes it possible to present your products at their best.

Sofisticated media library tools simplify file management and allow to reuse resources throughout entire application with drag-and-drop functionality.


Digital products

AbanteCart supports digital content or products, providing all the tools for e-products management and fulfilment.

Digital products licensing management is possible with additional extensions.

Digital products

Migrate and import products

Bulk loading of product data into AbanteCart is made easy. Flexible product import supports data fields maping as well as ability to upload images.

With product data export/import you can manage your products in your favourite spreadsheet application and update in bulk.


More product features

  • Products reviews and approval process
  • Stock tracking and management
  • Products collections
  • Product listing blocks
  • Product wish-lists
  • Product tags

product features


We love your customers

AbanteCart provide Customers with all the tools to access and manage their accounts with ease and confidence. Customer's buskets are automaticalhy saved, customers can create wish-lists, track their orders and much more.


Customer dashboard

Customers will have access to a comprehensive dashboard to manage their accounts and see order status and history.

AbanteCart allows customer to store unlimited addresses in the address book and access downloadable/digital products.

Various extensions extend customer features much futher.


Store credits and account balance

AbanteCart supports customer transactions and account balance calculation.
Positive account balance can be used for store credits created by administrators. Customers can use their store credit to pay for purchases.


International Customer Support

There is a support of localizations, multiple currencies and tax rates. Integration with multiple payment gateways.

Multiple languages are available for your international customers.


Security and Data encryption

Application runs with full support of SSL to encrypt website traffic and customers passwords have strong one way encryption algorithms. All data posts are protected with security tokens to prevent unauthorized data submits.

Optional record level data encryption is available to prevent database records theft.


eCommerce Administration

Powerful Admin Panel

With AbanteCart eCommerce you will be in full control of your online business.

Manage everything with quick access and confidence through one, easy-to-use control panel.

Admin panel


There is no special training or knowledge required to start selling your products online using AbanteCart. The voice controlled and easy-to-use intuitive interface makes your eCommerce management a breeze.


Layouts Management

Control designs and layout within each category, product or content page independently.

Create unlimited static on built-in dynamic blocks to power up your designs.


Order Management

Manage orders, statuses and send notifications to keep customers informed.

Your customer service can create or update customer accounts, as well as view and edit orders.



Seamless Shopping

Encourage purchases with a fast checkout designed to minimize data entry

Allow customers the option to create a profile on checkout without creating an account for faster transactions.


Boost Sales

Offer promotional pricing, quantity discounts to help generate more sales.

Create flexible coupons for specific products, customers, time periods. Track coupon usage.


Define Shipping and Payment

Setup different real-time shipping rates and carriers based on your preferences and customers’ needs. Specify allowed destination countries based on shipping method or provide free shipping.

Choose from several different secure ways to accept payments among over 20+ different payment options.



Email Marketing

Turn mail to your advantage. Customizable emails for account updates, password resets, and more

AbanteCart offers an easy way for visitors or customers to get subscribed. Send customizable emails through AbanteCart admin to subscribers or to customers who ordered selected products.



Use the Banner graphic or HTML type to create an illustrated, interactive blocks that engages users with a call to action and button.

Banners can be used to display for a specific period of time for a promotion.


Embed products and content

Sell on Your Existing Website Quick and Easy
It is as simple as copy and paste your products into your blog, article or any web page

Products, categories, brands and collection embed codes or links to include in any other sites


SEO Ready

AbateCart comes SEO optimized with SEO URL capability

You can enhance even more with additional extensions provided on a marketplace




AbanteCart eCommerce is customizable to specific business requirements as well as supports future business growth.


Integrated Analytics and Reporting

Gain insights with integrated Google Ecommerce Analytics and Google Tag Manager.

Get customer behaviour details with the NeoWize analytics


Automated Tax

Avalara AvaTax automatically calculates sales and use tax for transactions.

Research-free rate accuracy spanning over 12,000 taxing jurisdictions




AbanteCart shopping cart is powered by latest opensource internet technologies and concepts, such as PHP 7+, Mysql, HTML5/Bootstrap, Jquery, AJAX, MVC, API and much more.



Extend the functionality

AbanteCart is built with features expansion in mind.
With a module based Extension API users can easily extend eCommerce functionality to specific requirements.

Extend the functionality

Extension installation

Extensions can be installed directly from AbanteCart marketplace or with archive upload in the admin.

Extension installation



Sell your extension, integration or theme on the AbanteCart marketplaces.

You can learn more about marketplace developer tools and T&C.



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