People are getting busier every single day, which means that the attention span decreases, and it is even lower than that of a goldfish. Isn’t that surprising? Whether you are in an eCommerce business or otherwise, you have to do anything possible to grab the attention span of customers to improve sales and win new customers. 

So, let’s dig into that! We are going to talk about the practical steps to boost your sales and win new customers in 2022. 

Social Proof Works Wonders

Social proof like reviews, feedback, images, and pictures that the existing customers share on Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok inspires online shoppers TikTok inspires online shoppers, and that is what we call user-generated content. Promoting user-generated content on a regular basis gives your potential customers confidence to buy your products.

When making a purchase in person people often love to touch, see, smell the items that give them the confidence to buy them. However, when buying online they rely on social proof. They want to hear about it from a fellow buyer who made a purchase just like they did. 

So, let’s get to this example.

If you are buying perfume in person, you can actually try a tester in the store. However, if you want to order from an online store you would check the reviews from customers, the experience they have shared on the eCommerce store or on social media. 

Display social proof notifications on your eCommerce store 

A great way to make the process more efficient is displaying the social proof pop-up on your eCommerce store using an app like FOMO. It works well for those who are non-millennials out there because they have the ultimate fear of missing out. So a social proof like ‘Sam just bought perfume in the New Hemisphere” will do wonders. It works well for the location targeting since it will help customers in the New Hemisphere to buy with confidence.   

Display Smart Trust Badges

According to Statista, 17% of cart abandonment during 2021 was due to trust issues which means that you can retain a significant percentage of the customers by placing trust badges on your eCommerce store. 

When you place a trust badge on your eCommerce store it instills trust. It is often placed on the checkout page, and it’s been quite a while when most of the retailers and eCommerce experts place it on the landing pages as well. The core reason to have them on your website is, to boost sales and increase customer satisfaction

The science behind these trusted badges is complex. There are several security features behind these trusted features that keep the credit card information and personal information safe & secure. SSL is a complex system that encrypts the information that is sent over the web. You will only get these trust seals when your security systems incorporate all the standardized security protocols. 

Your technical team should be responsible for taking care of everything and placing trust badges on your landing page or the checkout page. And, your sales will improve significantly. 

There are several kinds of trusted badges including:

Safe Checkout badges

It indicates that the checkout process on your eCommerce store is safe, and any information that a customer shares on the website can not be stolen. It ensures all the personal information shared is encrypted.

Accepted Payment Badges

Honestly, nothing is more relieving than seeing an accepted payment badge on an eCommerce store. It instills confidence among the customers. 

Money-Back Guarantee Badges

It gives the customer confidence that he is not going to lose anything even if he doesn’t have a great experience. You can ask your graphic designer to create a money-back guarantee badge that you can place on the landing page. 

Free Shipping and Returns Badge

I think it’s a must for an eCommerce store. Extra shipping or returning costs are one of the major reasons for cart abandonment, so if you place a badge like this, you can earn and build customer loyalty

Use Exit-intent Popups

I’d call this, saying goodbye but with love so that the customer returns back instantly. Here’s how the Exit Intent Technology works:

  • It precisely detects that the customer is going to leave 

  • Quickly interrupts a customer’s intention to exit 

  • Offers a great call-to-action like “Subscribe” or “Get and offer a giveaway, sign up request, a product-specific discount, etc 

An exit-intent popup helps the user to return back to your website using an advanced predictive algorithm. The technology quickly detects the user’s activity by incorporating the cursor movements and its velocity to take him back to the store. 

It helps you save a second chance to take your customer back to the store to improve your conversion rates. So, if it’s not efficient you will lose your chance. Try to design creative popups that are user-friendly, quick, efficient, and interactive. It acts as a ‘safety net’ once you are successful in bringing back your customers, they will spend more time exploring and might buy that is more incentivized. 

An exit pop-up strategy helps you build an incredible email list for your email marketing. So, why not kill two birds with one stone? You can then use an efficient email marketing strategy to send them customized emails that are tailored to their needs. As a result, you will have a higher chance of a conversion.  

Cross-sell and Upsell

If you have an Economics background, you’ll be able to better understand how cross-selling and up-selling strategies works. You can offer your customers complementary things, related things on the checkout page, the cart page, or the product page that entices the customers to buy the product due to its complementary nature. 

Cross-selling and upselling had been doing wonders in the past. You can use tools like Bold Upsell to set your upsell and cross-sell strategy. 

Let’s look at the example on Amazon. The customer wants to buy an exercise bike machine with a great resistance bike and Amazon offers the buyer a heavy-duty equipment mat. It is because the seller is sure that other similar products in the same niche would interest the buyer. 

Use Accounting Software

When you know where most of the money comes from you can create a better sales strategy for your eCommerce store, and that’s why accounting software helps you. eCommerce store owners struggle with bookkeeping and they face difficulty to manage the accounting with each new sale. The fact is when you don’t have an in-depth idea about your current sales you are not able to prepare an efficient sales strategy for the future. 

To overcome this issue eCommerce stores can use simple and smart accounting software that offers solutions for small, big, and large eCommerce giants. Using these expense management software, you can take an in-depth study of the data, study multichannel sales and extract specific types of information like conversion rates. As a result, you will be able to get information about the number of items sold, and the number of transactions that occurred. Plus, you will know how many products are highly sold, so that you can gear your efforts towards that product in order to improve sales.

You can take the following actions:

  • Promote all those products that were not so popular among your target audience. 

  • Identify and work on the products that have the highest potential of upselling. 

  • Find out all those items that have the highest marginal profits 

  • Track if the discounts you have been offering performed well, and recognize if the spend management is efficient. 

So, there you have it! Five incredible eCommerce hacks to boost your sales and win customers. 

What are the eCommerce hacks that you incorporate into your business to boost your sales and win new customers in 2022? Let us know in the comment section below.