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News (46)

AbanteCart version 1.1.5 and new responsive default storefront theme

We are very exceeded to present new AbanteCart version 1.1.5 and upgrade package. Distribution package can be downloaded or upgrade can be ran inside your existing AbanteCart.
This release contains large number of new features, updates and fixes. We recommend to try upgrade in a test copy of AbanteCart first before applying to production sites.

Release Notes:  Version 1.1.5

New Features and improvements summary:

  • - HTML5 Responsive Storefront template
  • - Basket (shopping cart) page quick tax and shipping estimate (On HTML5 template only)
  • - Basket (shopping cart) page coupon apply (On HTML5 template only)
  • - Subscription for news letter
  • - Customer's account balance and money movement transactions support.
  • - Customers' file uploads and management interface in admin. 
  • - Administrators Act on behalf of customer feature
  • - Various improvements to extension control. Global settings and ability to build custom setting pages for extensions (admin)
  • - Page load improvement 
  • - PayPal payment settings improvement related to PayPal partnership and certification.

Many more small features added listed blow:


  • - default extension's setting bugfix related to serialized values for multivalue form fields + Refactoring.
  • - applying tax for shipping bug-fix.
  • - ALayout bugfix of wrong selection of page for layout related to a few installed templates.
  • - Unsubscribe page added to storefront. Link for this page added to sale->mail page on Control Panel
  • - session settings by ini_set moved to index.php
  • - Fixed multiselected extension settings.
  • - handling fee total extension now supports percent fees
  • - engine/utils.php. Process of <disabled/> entity of config.xml of extension changed.
  • - APagination moved back for old extensions support. Will be removed in major version
  • - Warning message added to log for case when tpl file for controller not found .
  • - now using has_value() function in AResource::getResources method to be able to get resources with id = 0.
  • - default sorting setting for product listing on storefront pages added.
  • - added column 'settings' in global_attributes table, updated demo data, fixed type in sql queries.
  • - now seo-keywords for products, categories, brands and content pages are multilingual.
  • - processing of additional config items for extensions added.
  • - Customer's account balance and money movement transactions support.
  • - Language manager translation of description bugfix.
  • - bug fix for template debugger. Now info contain actual template(tpl) of block instead requested.
  • - added methods addVirtual and removeVirtual into ACart class
  • - Windows server strptime() fix
  • - Add Northern Ireland to country list with "zones"
  • - Fix for extra prefix problem in Data import/export. (v1.1.4 bug only)

Control Panel:

  • - Act on behalf of customer feature
  • - resource library popup's preview image size bugfix.
  • - fixed bug when description text for extension settings fields (type resource) was missing.
  • - custom block edit form changed. Wrapper list changed and now based on list of tpl-files that placed inside sub-directory of directory blocks.
  • - custom block edit form changed. Wrapper list changed and now based on list of tpl-files that placed inside sub-directory of directory blocks.
  • - layout_manager xml import bug fix related to positions of blocks and language of description of block
  • - model for data of manufacturers changed. (cache check bugfix)
  • - extension settings saving bugfix related to multivalue grouped checkboxes.
  • - layout saving bugfix related to priorities of children blocks of placeholder. (if delete first from list of few blocks other blocks disappeared)
  • - block edit form changes rollback(tpl selecting)
  • - layout saving bugfix related to priorities of children blocks of placeholder. (if delete first from list of few blocks other blocks disappeared)
  • - money transaction management added
  • - added hook to extend field set at 'sale/order/history'.
  • - Extended custom blocks to have any block's tpl as wrapper
  • - now ckeditor use <br> as break line instead <p> tag
  • - package installer bug fix related to deleting by empty extension_txt_id
  • - added hook 'list_more_product_last' to extend products list. Storefront: added hook 'list_more_product_last' to extend products list.
  • - permission checks bug fix related to prefixes "r" and "p" of rt-variable 
  • - updater bug fix related to inaccessible updates.xml on abantecart-server
  • - bugfix related to requests for updates.xml from abantecart.com.
  • - removed unnecessary debug output in controller tool/files Core: removed unnecessary debug output in helper utils.php
  • - html block edit form. ckeditor startup mode changed to "source"
  • - Package installer bugfix related to ftp install procedure
  • - Package installer bugfix related to ftp install procedure
  • - added System -> Data -> File Uploads interface. Storefront: all info about uploads is now stored in datasets.
  • - added model tool/files.php, updated sale/order controller to build download link for uploaded files in order details. Storefront: updates for "file" field type.
  • - extension settings page small refactoring
  • - fixed update of the file type field in global attributes. Storefront: fixed validation of the uploaded files in product options.
  • - implemented interface for adding 'file' type global attribute, added admin/system/uploads directory. Core: added column 'settings' in global_attributes table, updated demo data, fixed type in sql queries. Storefront: implemented file uploading and file validation for product options.
  • - package installer by ftp mode improved. Release notes now shows before cart upgrade.
  • - added hook "virtuals" into order details template to show virtual products added by extensions. Storefront: template variables for cart top block are now available from extensions, added hook "virtuals" into order summary and checkout confirm template.
  • - package installer by ftp mode improved.
  • - mail settings. help text changed


  • - default_html5 template added
  • - Added hooks to buttons at the cart page to be able to add buttons before and after cart buttons.
  • - controller common/menu.php changed. cache write rebuild
  • - now listing blocks can show external resources in default_html5 template
  • - sample data size optimized
  • - model catalog/products bugfixes related to listing block's calls. Refactoring and checks of parameters added. Phpdocumentor comments added.
  • - now maintenance page can have own layout in template.
  • - Added title popup for description of the shipping method at checkout.
  • - APagination is not needed anymore in "default" template.
  • - fixed guest checkout when order total is 0 (no payment required).
  • - products are now accessible from extensions and can be hooked, fix for emailed order details with virtual products.
  • - added hook 'virtual' for virtual products at account/invoice.tpl and hook 'payment_extensions_hook' for checkout/guest_step_2.tpl
  • - Default template. hookvars to pages/account/account.tpl added
  • - Default template thickbox(js-gallery) IE bugfix related to position of popup.
  • - support for account creation for newsletter subscribers only added. Now you can use get variable subscriber=1 to open this type of form.
  • - bug fix of hard set tpl for content block
  • - added hook into cart.tpl
  • - Added hook vars "pre_contents" and "pre_contents" to have ability to add links into "Information" block
  • - skipping of payment checkout page for orders with zero total amount added.
  • - Add storefront icon support for shipping and payment extension. Support default and defaultHTML5 templates
  • - Added "Continue shopping" button for the default template.
  • - Fix for thumbnails in listing block
  • - Apply coupon and estimate shipping add taxes in the cart


  • - Add support for extension custom settings templates
  • - custom settings template for default_pp_pro_uk extension, language fixes for default_pp_pro.
  • - Royal Mail rates moved to config.xml and not managed in extension
  • - Created custom settings pages for PayPal Standard and Pro
  • - updated icons for Default PayPal extensions
  • - now ckeditor turns on in "source" mode on banner manager form
  • - "Handling fee" core extension now have ability to set fee per payment method.
  • - Small banner extension fixes
  • - Add min and max settings for payments. Improve extensions settings to have defaults

AbanteCart version 1.1.6 and new responsive default storefront theme

We are very excited to present new AbanteCart version 1.1.6 and upgrade package. Distribution package can be downloaded or upgrade can be ran inside your existing AbanteCart.
This release contains large number of new features, updates and fixes. We recommend to try upgrade in a test copy of AbanteCart first before applying to production sites.

Release Notes:  Version 1.1.6

New Features and improvements summary:

  • - Number of fixed for Responsive HTML5 template 
  • - Improvement for content management 
  • - Data Migration from osCmax shopping cart
  • - Ability to add custom icons to payment methods.
  • - Ability to create custom settings pages for extension
  • - Customers' orders count and listing orders per customer
  • - PayPal Pro now has in admin capture/refund features on order edit page. 
  • - Added Ipad and Iphone icons for apple bookmark support

Bug fixes and improvements

  • - internationalization of SEO-keyword usage bug fix.
  • - two settings added for displaying block with form of coupon and shipping estimate (default_html5 only)
  • - applying discount (core promotion) bug fix related to calculation of total quantity of product in the cart
  • - table url_aliases (with seo-keywords) now have additional unique index to prevent duplicates
  • - phpdoc comments added to Alanguage, ADispatcher, ADB, AUser and MySql classes
  • - targz.php php open tag bugfix
  • - Fixed validation of the max size of the uploaded file.
  • - maintenance mode storefront session for admin bug fix
  • - AResource HTTPS url bugfix. (additional images had plain HTTP-URLs instead HTTPS)
  • - Product option values now can be selected as default for storefront product page display. 
  • - Added placeholder (hint text) to some product option types such as selectbox and input.
  • - Resources now ordered by rl.resource_id not just by rm.sort_order.
  • - Updated 'ac_orders' table to store serialized data for payment services. Currently used for PayPal
  • - phpdoc comments added into cart and order libraries.
  • - package manager. Now index.php will not have mode 777 after upgrade (related to hosting providers security policy).
  • - add API with AddScriptBottom function. Now can add JavaScript (via PHP code) before closing body tag for better performance

Control Panel:

  • - package installer ftp-mode check's, bug fix
  • - menu management grid icons bug fix
  • - content management bug fixes related to pre-release QA task
  • - select box template minor bug fix
  • - Resource Library UI bug-fix. preview resource-> thumbnail's title attribute was broken by js-error.
  • - Migration tool minor UI changes.
  • - Added Migration data from oscmax.
  • - quick save settings from global search suggestion bug fix.
  • - package installer and backup/restore upload error handler bug fix
  • - design/content management changed...tree grid added + edit form changed too. Core: HTML-factory changes. Property "disabled" added into Multiselectbox class. Property is array with ids of option that disabled (supports by all browsers and IE8+)
  • - Error messages will now show on order details page. Extensions: Fixed credit card forms of the PayPal Pro and PayPal Pro UK extensions. Storefront: Added missing loading_1.gif image and "ws_nowrap" CSS class.
  • - common controller of grid building now contains check for column with reserved name "parent"
  • - SEOencode function changed. Button for auto-generate added into edit forms of products, categories, manufacturers and contents. 
  • - pre-selected zone on sale->order edit page bug-fix
  • - UI bug fix related to RL dialog when session expired
  • - Added "payment_method_data" field to the output of the ModelSaleOrder::getOrder method.
  • - global search improvement related to setting's text
  • - Added button for order history of customer in menu sale/customers
  • - Coupon date range bugfix
  • - Bug fix of position in layout for new created block
  • - Saving custom layout for categories fix
  • - Removed limitation of length for category name.
  • - Disable delete of order statuses Canceled, Complete, Pending, Processing
  • - Updated migration tool. OscMax added. Also added import of product reviews.
  • - notice about enabled maintenance mode for admin added.


  • - Added Ipad and Iphone icons for apple bookmark support
  • - default address for customer now will use for shipping estimate form on cart page
  • - payment and shipping list bug fix related to icons of methods
  • - Updated default_html5 template. Templates of content blocks now support trees.
  • - Updated default_html5 template. Image preloader bug-fix of product page. Address edit page ui bugfix
  • - menu css-icon now will replace icon from RL
  • - first time selected attributes now sets as default after page refresh
  • - Updated default_html5 template. login page responsiveness bug-fixes.
  • - Updated default_html5 template performance. OneByOne main slider now loads last.
  • - customer balance display fix related to currency conversion. Account balance applied to order will be reset if not checked out yet, and cart content is changed during session.
  • - download's counter fix
  • - fixes for file uploading and new upload form style for HTML5 template.
  • - fix in default template changed related to "create account" page for case when account policy is empty and continue button disappears.
  • - HTML5 template. Number of fixes for checkout layout in iphone/mobile layout
  • - Update of bootstrap version and print styling correction
  • - Fix for file upload and HTML5 new file upload element.


  • - banner manager default_html5 tpl improvement
  • - Now icon for payment methods list will be added to Resource library upon install.
  • - Updated PayPal storefront payment icons. Cleaned up code.
  • - PayPal standard default_html5 tpl fix related to html-buttons
  • - fixed PayPal Standard not processing EUR payments
  • - PayPal Pro extension will now show if Test mode is ON
  • - PayPal Pro is updated to configure accepted credit card types
  • - Update all default payments to HTML5 layout (buttons fix)
  • - Provide ability to load modals for disabled extensions.

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In resent release of AbanteCart v 1.1.3 there were updates done to 2Checkout payment method. This will help to setting up shopping cart connection to 2Checkout payment even easier than before. 

Process of registration and activation can only be few minutes and shopping cart is ready to accept payments. In addition, by using AbanteCart and 2Checkout together you save on 2Checkout service fees.  See details below.


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New AbanteCart version 1.1.4 and upgrade package are now available for download or upgrade inside your existing AbanteCart

See below release notes: Release Notes:  Version 1.1.4
Updates In this version:

New Features and improvements summary:
  • Customer's data encryption class with API.
  • Login name based customer authentication option.
  • Bank Transfer payment extension
  • Admin API to view customers and orders details.
  • Data Encryption Manager Extension (Beta)
  • Advanced extension settings data validation.
  • Added CVV help image for credit card payment methods. 
  • Cross site scripting vulnerability fix and improvement.


  • - cross-site scripting vulnerability fix
  • - SSL private/public key based encryption class with API
  • - Customer's data encryption class with API.
  • - engine resource bug fix of incorrect result of getting resource list by object name and id
  • - getUrl() bugfix related to expired session and constant HTTP_SERVER
  • - extension's settings validation added. Now you can you <pattern_validate/> entity of item of config.xml file for check setting data by regex pattern. Also you can write your validate.php file with function settingsValidation to do more advanced validation.
  • - now store owner can import data when encryption is enabled.
  • - changes and bugfixes related to auto-translation
  • - extension manager refactoring. validateInstalled() renamed to isExtensionInstalled()
  • - Fixed bug with depended extensions sating ON, when main extension turned OFF.
  • - Prevent extension status to be set ON if dependency or required settings data is missing
  • - init.php changed. bugfix related to language loading order.
  • - utils.php DateTime::createFromFormat method call replaced by wrapper for php 5.2.
  • - phpdoc comments added to Registry class
  • - encryption library phpdoc comments changed
  • - package manager changes. Chmod to 777 for core files during upgrade added.
  • - fix for total and tax class sorting
  • - Update error if disabled extension block is in layout
  • - Fix for product_tags saving and auto-translation
  • - config manager minor bugfix. type cast for upload max size value added
  • - sale->coupons. Status will set to off for deprecated coupons. based on date range
  • - minor bug-fix related to number_format function(type casting added).
  • - coupon and product edit page. datepicker bugfix
  • - order details page. shipping method changing disabled. Now just plain text shows instead selectbox.
  • - SEO key auto generation based on product name bugfix on product's edit page.
  • - order details minor UI fix (shipping list selectbox of orders without shipping now will shows 'none' as 1st item)
  • - All language_definitions for extension will be deleted during uninstall process of extension
  • - saving of content page with enabled auto-translate bug fix
  • - Fixed issue with non defined extension_id, when install uploaded extension and it has dependent extension.
  • - package installer changed. Now detailed error shows when dependencies of extension are not valid
  • - extension edit page, help text by push button now can have content with URLs like this #admin#rt=...
  • - date form fields changed to formatted by language settings on product discounts, product specials, sales report and extension edit pages.
  • - minor fixed related to warning in log

  • - "framed" layout option added for listing blocks based on tpl files for blocks of template.
  • - guest checkout success page: link to contact form fixed
  • - guest checkout step #2 with auto selecting of shipping bug-fix.
  • - changed image for ajax adding of product to cart.
  • - shipping page auto-select option bugfix (incorrect work with multi-optional shipping methods). Extensions: FedEx test setting added
  • - order invoice history. date format for display changed. Now based on language settings

Core Extensions:
  • - Data Encryption Manager Extension (Beta)
  • - Bank transfer extension is added
  • - banner-manager duplication on creating bugfix
  • - FedEx default extension bugfixes (production bugfix + error reporting). Also help note added. config.xml now contain phpmodules entity with soap as required php-lib for
  • - Corrected Default settings of payment order statuses.
  • - 2Checkout bug fixes and improvements.Update text and encryption manual
  • - default_royal_mail rates changed.
New AbanteCart version 1.1.3 and upgrade package are now available for download or upgrade inside your existing AbanteCart

See below release notes: Release Notes:  Version 1.1.3
Updates In this version:

New Features and improvements summary:
  • Minimum and Maximum limits for order totals.
  • Maximum products quantity limit
  • Regular and Guest Checkout UI improvement
  • Relationship of shipping methods to payment methods and auto-selection settings.
  • Improved tax rate flexibility
  • Many new features in extension developer tools
  • Extension manager and package manager improvements
    Fix for validation of new extension, type collision bug fix, fix for dependencies validation and children extensions auto-disable if parent is disabled
  • Fix for backup load of targz class
  • User permissions bug fix
  • Session cookie bug fix related to mounted drive
  • Layout manager import xml improvements and bug fixes
  • JASON class bug fix
  • Currency minor bug fix
  • Fix. Removing layouts correctly if deleting products, categories or manufacturers using import/export
  • New functions for dates formatting
  • Total extensions edit page bug fixes.
  • Improvement to totals calculation sequence. Added calculation order setting.
  • Cart class fixes and performance improvement.
  • Clearing cache after package installation added
  • Added hooks to various places in the controllers and templates.
  • API controller minor bug fix
  • Multi-value settings support added to extension settings.
  • Updates related to PHPdoc compliance
  • Admin menu control minor fix.
  • Fix for language missing translations process
  • Update to banner manager. Add expiration and future date highlight
  • Bug fix related to list of enabled templates
  • Resource Library bug fix
  • Date formatted on product edit page.
  • Install upgrade history minor changes
  • Cookie for currency is now disabled for admin
  • Fix for package installer in case of XAMPP
  • Uploading extension bug fix
  • Update Manufacture block to show manufacture icon on product details page
  • Added meta keywords to main page managed in details settings
  • Fix. Email set to customer with account approval
  • Storefront menu control minor fix.
  • Improved pagination for search result
Core Extensions:
  • Update to 2checkout(2CO) payment and default_twocheckout is discontinued. One more reason to use AbanteCart, you can save on 2checkout fees if use promo code ABANTECART2CO
  • FedEx error logging improved
New AbanteCart version 1.1.1 and upgrade package are now available for download or upgrade inside your existing AbanteCart

See below release notes: Release Notes:  Version 1.1.1
Updates In this version:

Important upgrade note:  This time it is not simple automatic upgrade inside admin. We recommend manual file replacement from "code" directory inside the upgrade package to your AbanteCart main directory. 

If you still want to try automatic install in admin, please replace 2 files below before running upgrade. 
File to replace before in admin upgrade: /admin/controller/pages/tool/package_installer.php and /core/helper/utils.php

Have your 4GB Pentium dual-core laptop running upgraded software versions for better eCommerce platform integration

New Features and improvements summary:
  • Extensions file upload and install from public URL
  • AbanteCart initial installation improvement. Added progress bar.
  • AAttribute getAttributes renamed to getAttributesbyType because AAttribute_Manages has method getAttributes too and try to override it with runtime notice.
  • targz library bugfix
  • package manager & AConnect bugfix. Now when gets file we use socket instead curl for getting HTTP-headers with file-name(content-disposition).
  • package installer bugfix. Upgrade extension related. APromotion changes. Added 2 types of bonuses (free products and discount on products)
  • Fixed AResourceManager::setType method - do nothing if $type is empty.
  • Fixed AWeight::getUnit method
Control Panel:
  • package installer minor ui changes and better permissions handling
  • Aform input file minor bugfix
  • extension manager version check bugfix
  • package manager changed. Added agreement to install version incompatible version. Package uploading added in extension install page. Common function versionCompare added into core/helper/utils.php Updater and package installer use it now.
  • quick edit saving fix
  • language load form submit made with ajax
  • ALanguage cloning definitions bugfix
  • resource upload clear error text added for permissions problem
  • banner images size bug fix
  • Global attributes UI bug fix
New AbanteCart version and upgrade package are now available for download or upgrade inside your existing AbanteCart

See below release notes: Release Notes:  Version 1.0.4
Updates In this version:

  • All US states added into install.sql as location's zones by default
  • Language and currency switch bug fix related to seo-url
Control Panel:
  • install-upgrade-history now gets non-direct link for archives.
  • localization zones edit page changed. Now multiple zones can be at once.
  • Resource Library cache changes.
  • Resource Library UI changes. Quick link "select" added to edit and info boxes
  • Global search result pagination bug fix.
  • language definition management changes. Database: ac_language_definitions now have unique index.
  • package installer changes. Now directories and files list will show in ftp warning during installation process.
  • aform resource field tpl ui fix
  • price and other float numbers formatting bug fix
  • system() call bug fix.
  • Fixed required fields on extensions settings page have been ignored
  • Fixed global search input in IE
  • Minor translation bug fixes
  • Quantity decreasing bugfix for non-subtracted products without options after order confirm.
  • Listing block with auto listing limitation bugfix
  • Seo url special chars bugfix
  • Subcategory seo url
  • Fix for storefront menu external links.
  • Minor UI bug fixes
Core Extensions:
  • Error message added for wrong state or country code in FedEx extensions settings
  • UPS translation bugfix
New AbanteCart version and upgrade package are now available for download or upgrade inside your existing AbanteCart

See below release notes: Release Notes:  Version 1.0.2
Updates In this version:
  • Storefront: incorrect price display in custom block with products bugfix
  • Storefront: Fixes in order history and guest checkout
  • Control Panel + Storefront: added hook vars to customer_group edit form and to account creation
  • Control Panel: Fixed import/export issues 
  • Control Panel: extension store. Frame border now invisible in IE8. 
  • Control Panel: ui minor fixes
  • Control Panel: Added warning at installation stage for non-writable Backup directory in import/export, added error messages for import/export.
  • Extensions: Bank transfer extension added
  • Extensions: Cheque / Money Order. Order status bug fix.
New AbanteCart version and upgrade package are now available for download or upgrade inside your existing AbanteCart

See below release notes: Release Notes:  Version 1.0.3
Updates In this version:

  • Update languages and more clear message on missing translations
  • Language definitions bugfixes
Control Panel:
  • Update Shipping methods to allow product level settings
  • Allow Free Product Shipping, Individual Product shipping and Fixed Product Price shipping
  • Fixed import/export issues
  • Fixed marketplace iframe in IE browser
  • Added warning at installation stage for non-writable Backup directory, added error messages for import/export.
  • Added warning at installation stage for non-writable Backup directory
  • Jquery flot axis labels js-file added
  • Jqgrid upgrade up to 4.3.3
  • Custom layout for categories, products, brands bugfix.
  • Response controller for help button for extensions added.
  • Added hook for order_attributes extension, fixed issue in checboxgroup.tpl (added attribute for input tag), fixed some other issues
  • JavaScript number formatting fix
  • Extension list sorting bugfix
  • Subtract stock option bug fix
  • Grid's filter fields now align by column alignment
  • UI minor fixes
  • Fixes in order history and guest checkout
  • Summary info added into order confirm page in main block
  • Product page stock status changes
  • Zip/postal code now required field in account form
  • Fixed issue with ignoring Privacy Policy agreement checkbox on creation account
  • ui minor fixes
Core Extensions:
  • Banner extension added to distributive
  • Cheque / Money Order. Order status bugfix.
  • Extensions: Bank transfer extension added
  • Updating USPS and Flat shipping, Fedex,UPS, Weight Based shipping. Update shipping methods to work with product level shipping settings.
  • UI minor fixes