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Upgrade version Beta 0.9.1

  • Sunday, 18 December 2011 03:20
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New AbanteCart version and upgrade package is now available for download or upgrade

See below release notes:
  • design and UI fixes
  • fix template preview load in admin
  • fix custom HTML block parameters in edit form saved wrong when choose another content language.
  • message manager convert links bugfix
  • package installer rewrote with ABackup usage.
  • payment extension default_authorizednet_aim "x_invoice_num" parameter added. (In fact it is order id)
admin/sale/order/details. "payment_method" selectbox replaced by text.
  • bug fix of saving lang_definition with repeat saving with errors. ($language_definition_id missed)
  • payment extension bugfix
  • PayPal pro payment extension bug fix
  • PayPal standard payment extension bug fix
  • fix of location assistance to payment extension in config. Now "all location" used as default.
  • Adding ABackup interface - bugfix of incorrect view of multi-language content of custom HTML block. When change language id does not change title and content of custom HTML block
  • extension config page. Bugfix of selectbox with variants in config.xml. (variants not showed)
  • update resource manager method name to fix runtime notice regarding method declaration
  • update index.php to fix parse error for php4 add php version check to index.php remove php version check from init.php update exception to make attempt to create log class with default file name location and log message in case log or config class not exist
  • fix dispatcher. no controller route was defined for controllers from extensions
  • design/content quick save in grid bug fix
  • global search fix (search by settings key and value added)
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