How Ecommerce and the cloud can work together

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Cloud computing is now big business and it is rapidly becoming apparent that it has the potential to change the way that people live and work.  One of the areas that has been able to take advantage of all that cloud computing has to offer is Ecommerce.  Shopping online is just growing and growing, with many people now preferring to do all of their shopping online, from groceries to Christmas gifts, mainly because it has been made so easy to do.
Why is cloud computing used in Ecommerce?
Cloud computing has the ability to help companies to cope with more online activity.  As more and more people spend time shopping online the retailers are able to use more than one server and ensure that they have enough resources to cope.  For example, in the lead up to Christmas they can have more resources to cope with the expected increase in demand.  After Christmas the additional resources can be removed until they are needed again.
The cost savings of cloud computing can be significant in ecommerce as companies only pay for the services that they use.  There is no need for investment into software or hardware because that responsibility is on the cloud provider.  For most companies this can be far cheaper than having everything in-house.  Cost savings can then be passed on to the consumer, allowing the company to offer their products and services at a reduced rate, attracting more customers.  
The very nature of cloud computing means that smaller retailers are able to access the same resources as larger companies.  Ecommerce has been made much more affordable for businesses thanks to the benefits of the cloud and this in turn has benefits for consumers, ensuring that they have many more options when it comes to shopping online.
Cloud computing is also a great way of ensuring that business can continue regardless of what is happening within the company’s building.  If there is a power outage and a business is hosting its own servers then this means that nobody can access websites to place orders, but by having servers elsewhere orders can still be placed regardless of any problem within the company itself.
Choosing the right provider
With so many providers out there it is important for companies to choose the right provider.  Companies such as Infor have established themselves firmly as leaders in the cloud computing field.  Charles Phillips, chief executive officer, runs the third largest software company and it has an international reach with customers in more than 125 countries.  Mr Phillips has also served on the boards of a number of well-known institutions including the New York Law School and the American Museum of Natural History.
Apps like can be very useful for businesses, particularly when budget is an issue.  This is a free app for Ecommerce that has been developed by enthusiasts who raised funds by way of donations and from advertising.  The app offers an expandable shopping cart and there are now a number of extensions available. The app is easy to use and there is support available for those who need it.  There is also the advantage that the app is rapidly evolving according to the needs of customers.
Opting for cloud computing might seem to be a major decision but it is one that companies all over the world are making every day.  With the progress that has been made in this field the transition is much easier than it used to be and companies can begin to reap the benefits immediately.          
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