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  • Sunday, 22 March 2015 00:00
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Great news for AbanteCart extension developers. AbanteCart team has worked hard to finish tools to simplify extension development process. New 1.2 version of Developer Tool is upgraded to latest version of AbanteCart and introduce new features.

New Features:
  • Template cloning feature.
    Now default template can be cloned with simple button click. This can expedite new template development as all the components automatically created and placed in proper locations. Developers only need to work on HTML and Javascript to give new template desired look and feel. Cloning can be dome in 2 modes. Full and partial clone. Full clone will copy all template related files such as TPL (AbanteCart template files), CSS and JavaScript files, where partial clone will only copy CSS and JavaScript files.
  • Export of layout.
    Now if you build template layout or blocks manually in AbanteCart and need to include this into installation of your extension/template, we can be done easily with a button click.
  • Project management
    Setting for extension you built can be stored and edited as a project. You can switch between projects.

    We welcome anyone to contribute and help making this Developer Tool even more helpful and fun to use.

    Download link: developer_tools_1.2.0.tar.gz

    GitHub repository link: Source Code developer_tools_1.2.0

    AbanteCart Dev Team
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