AbanteCart New Version 1.1.6 is now available

  • Saturday, 20 July 2013 03:59
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AbanteCart version 1.1.6 and new responsive default storefront theme

We are very excited to present new AbanteCart version 1.1.6 and upgrade package. Distribution package can be downloaded or upgrade can be ran inside your existing AbanteCart.
This release contains large number of new features, updates and fixes. We recommend to try upgrade in a test copy of AbanteCart first before applying to production sites.

Release Notes:  Version 1.1.6

New Features and improvements summary:

  • - Number of fixed for Responsive HTML5 template 
  • - Improvement for content management 
  • - Data Migration from osCmax shopping cart
  • - Ability to add custom icons to payment methods.
  • - Ability to create custom settings pages for extension
  • - Customers' orders count and listing orders per customer
  • - PayPal Pro now has in admin capture/refund features on order edit page. 
  • - Added Ipad and Iphone icons for apple bookmark support

Bug fixes and improvements

  • - internationalization of SEO-keyword usage bug fix.
  • - two settings added for displaying block with form of coupon and shipping estimate (default_html5 only)
  • - applying discount (core promotion) bug fix related to calculation of total quantity of product in the cart
  • - table url_aliases (with seo-keywords) now have additional unique index to prevent duplicates
  • - phpdoc comments added to Alanguage, ADispatcher, ADB, AUser and MySql classes
  • - targz.php php open tag bugfix
  • - Fixed validation of the max size of the uploaded file.
  • - maintenance mode storefront session for admin bug fix
  • - AResource HTTPS url bugfix. (additional images had plain HTTP-URLs instead HTTPS)
  • - Product option values now can be selected as default for storefront product page display. 
  • - Added placeholder (hint text) to some product option types such as selectbox and input.
  • - Resources now ordered by rl.resource_id not just by rm.sort_order.
  • - Updated 'ac_orders' table to store serialized data for payment services. Currently used for PayPal
  • - phpdoc comments added into cart and order libraries.
  • - package manager. Now index.php will not have mode 777 after upgrade (related to hosting providers security policy).
  • - add API with AddScriptBottom function. Now can add JavaScript (via PHP code) before closing body tag for better performance

Control Panel:

  • - package installer ftp-mode check's, bug fix
  • - menu management grid icons bug fix
  • - content management bug fixes related to pre-release QA task
  • - select box template minor bug fix
  • - Resource Library UI bug-fix. preview resource-> thumbnail's title attribute was broken by js-error.
  • - Migration tool minor UI changes.
  • - Added Migration data from oscmax.
  • - quick save settings from global search suggestion bug fix.
  • - package installer and backup/restore upload error handler bug fix
  • - design/content management changed...tree grid added + edit form changed too. Core: HTML-factory changes. Property "disabled" added into Multiselectbox class. Property is array with ids of option that disabled (supports by all browsers and IE8+)
  • - Error messages will now show on order details page. Extensions: Fixed credit card forms of the PayPal Pro and PayPal Pro UK extensions. Storefront: Added missing loading_1.gif image and "ws_nowrap" CSS class.
  • - common controller of grid building now contains check for column with reserved name "parent"
  • - SEOencode function changed. Button for auto-generate added into edit forms of products, categories, manufacturers and contents. 
  • - pre-selected zone on sale->order edit page bug-fix
  • - UI bug fix related to RL dialog when session expired
  • - Added "payment_method_data" field to the output of the ModelSaleOrder::getOrder method.
  • - global search improvement related to setting's text
  • - Added button for order history of customer in menu sale/customers
  • - Coupon date range bugfix
  • - Bug fix of position in layout for new created block
  • - Saving custom layout for categories fix
  • - Removed limitation of length for category name.
  • - Disable delete of order statuses Canceled, Complete, Pending, Processing
  • - Updated migration tool. OscMax added. Also added import of product reviews.
  • - notice about enabled maintenance mode for admin added.


  • - Added Ipad and Iphone icons for apple bookmark support
  • - default address for customer now will use for shipping estimate form on cart page
  • - payment and shipping list bug fix related to icons of methods
  • - Updated default_html5 template. Templates of content blocks now support trees.
  • - Updated default_html5 template. Image preloader bug-fix of product page. Address edit page ui bugfix
  • - menu css-icon now will replace icon from RL
  • - first time selected attributes now sets as default after page refresh
  • - Updated default_html5 template. login page responsiveness bug-fixes.
  • - Updated default_html5 template performance. OneByOne main slider now loads last.
  • - customer balance display fix related to currency conversion. Account balance applied to order will be reset if not checked out yet, and cart content is changed during session.
  • - download's counter fix
  • - fixes for file uploading and new upload form style for HTML5 template.
  • - fix in default template changed related to "create account" page for case when account policy is empty and continue button disappears.
  • - HTML5 template. Number of fixes for checkout layout in iphone/mobile layout
  • - Update of bootstrap version and print styling correction
  • - Fix for file upload and HTML5 new file upload element.


  • - banner manager default_html5 tpl improvement
  • - Now icon for payment methods list will be added to Resource library upon install.
  • - Updated PayPal storefront payment icons. Cleaned up code.
  • - PayPal standard default_html5 tpl fix related to html-buttons
  • - fixed PayPal Standard not processing EUR payments
  • - PayPal Pro extension will now show if Test mode is ON
  • - PayPal Pro is updated to configure accepted credit card types
  • - Update all default payments to HTML5 layout (buttons fix)
  • - Provide ability to load modals for disabled extensions.
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