AbanteCart New Version 1.1.4 is now available

  • Wednesday, 27 February 2013 03:59
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New AbanteCart version 1.1.4 and upgrade package are now available for download or upgrade inside your existing AbanteCart

See below release notes: Release Notes:  Version 1.1.4
Updates In this version:

New Features and improvements summary:
  • Customer's data encryption class with API.
  • Login name based customer authentication option.
  • Bank Transfer payment extension
  • Admin API to view customers and orders details.
  • Data Encryption Manager Extension (Beta)
  • Advanced extension settings data validation.
  • Added CVV help image for credit card payment methods. 
  • Cross site scripting vulnerability fix and improvement.


  • - cross-site scripting vulnerability fix
  • - SSL private/public key based encryption class with API
  • - Customer's data encryption class with API.
  • - engine resource bug fix of incorrect result of getting resource list by object name and id
  • - getUrl() bugfix related to expired session and constant HTTP_SERVER
  • - extension's settings validation added. Now you can you <pattern_validate/> entity of item of config.xml file for check setting data by regex pattern. Also you can write your validate.php file with function settingsValidation to do more advanced validation.
  • - now store owner can import data when encryption is enabled.
  • - changes and bugfixes related to auto-translation
  • - extension manager refactoring. validateInstalled() renamed to isExtensionInstalled()
  • - Fixed bug with depended extensions sating ON, when main extension turned OFF.
  • - Prevent extension status to be set ON if dependency or required settings data is missing
  • - init.php changed. bugfix related to language loading order.
  • - utils.php DateTime::createFromFormat method call replaced by wrapper for php 5.2.
  • - phpdoc comments added to Registry class
  • - encryption library phpdoc comments changed
  • - package manager changes. Chmod to 777 for core files during upgrade added.
  • - fix for total and tax class sorting
  • - Update error if disabled extension block is in layout
  • - Fix for product_tags saving and auto-translation
  • - config manager minor bugfix. type cast for upload max size value added
  • - sale->coupons. Status will set to off for deprecated coupons. based on date range
  • - minor bug-fix related to number_format function(type casting added).
  • - coupon and product edit page. datepicker bugfix
  • - order details page. shipping method changing disabled. Now just plain text shows instead selectbox.
  • - SEO key auto generation based on product name bugfix on product's edit page.
  • - order details minor UI fix (shipping list selectbox of orders without shipping now will shows 'none' as 1st item)
  • - All language_definitions for extension will be deleted during uninstall process of extension
  • - saving of content page with enabled auto-translate bug fix
  • - Fixed issue with non defined extension_id, when install uploaded extension and it has dependent extension.
  • - package installer changed. Now detailed error shows when dependencies of extension are not valid
  • - extension edit page, help text by push button now can have content with URLs like this #admin#rt=...
  • - date form fields changed to formatted by language settings on product discounts, product specials, sales report and extension edit pages.
  • - minor fixed related to warning in log

  • - "framed" layout option added for listing blocks based on tpl files for blocks of template.
  • - guest checkout success page: link to contact form fixed
  • - guest checkout step #2 with auto selecting of shipping bug-fix.
  • - changed image for ajax adding of product to cart.
  • - shipping page auto-select option bugfix (incorrect work with multi-optional shipping methods). Extensions: FedEx test setting added
  • - order invoice history. date format for display changed. Now based on language settings

Core Extensions:
  • - Data Encryption Manager Extension (Beta)
  • - Bank transfer extension is added
  • - banner-manager duplication on creating bugfix
  • - FedEx default extension bugfixes (production bugfix + error reporting). Also help note added. config.xml now contain phpmodules entity with soap as required php-lib for
  • - Corrected Default settings of payment order statuses.
  • - 2Checkout bug fixes and improvements.Update text and encryption manual
  • - default_royal_mail rates changed.
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