AbanteCart New Version 1.1.1 is now available

  • Friday, 19 October 2012 03:59
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New AbanteCart version 1.1.1 and upgrade package are now available for download or upgrade inside your existing AbanteCart

See below release notes: Release Notes:  Version 1.1.1
Updates In this version:

Important upgrade note:  This time it is not simple automatic upgrade inside admin. We recommend manual file replacement from "code" directory inside the upgrade package to your AbanteCart main directory. 

If you still want to try automatic install in admin, please replace 2 files below before running upgrade. 
File to replace before in admin upgrade: /admin/controller/pages/tool/package_installer.php and /core/helper/utils.php

Have your 4GB Pentium dual-core laptop running upgraded software versions for better eCommerce platform integration

New Features and improvements summary:
  • Extensions file upload and install from public URL
  • AbanteCart initial installation improvement. Added progress bar.
  • AAttribute getAttributes renamed to getAttributesbyType because AAttribute_Manages has method getAttributes too and try to override it with runtime notice.
  • targz library bugfix
  • package manager & AConnect bugfix. Now when gets file we use socket instead curl for getting HTTP-headers with file-name(content-disposition).
  • package installer bugfix. Upgrade extension related. APromotion changes. Added 2 types of bonuses (free products and discount on products)
  • Fixed AResourceManager::setType method - do nothing if $type is empty.
  • Fixed AWeight::getUnit method
Control Panel:
  • package installer minor ui changes and better permissions handling
  • Aform input file minor bugfix
  • extension manager version check bugfix
  • package manager changed. Added agreement to install version incompatible version. Package uploading added in extension install page. Common function versionCompare added into core/helper/utils.php Updater and package installer use it now.
  • quick edit saving fix
  • language load form submit made with ajax
  • ALanguage cloning definitions bugfix
  • resource upload clear error text added for permissions problem
  • banner images size bug fix
  • Global attributes UI bug fix
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