AbanteCart New Version 1.0.2 is now available

  • Tuesday, 29 May 2012 03:59
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New AbanteCart version and upgrade package are now available for download or upgrade inside your existing AbanteCart

See below release notes: Release Notes:  Version 1.0.2
Updates In this version:
  • Storefront: incorrect price display in custom block with products bugfix
  • Storefront: Fixes in order history and guest checkout
  • Control Panel + Storefront: added hook vars to customer_group edit form and to account creation
  • Control Panel: Fixed import/export issues 
  • Control Panel: extension store. Frame border now invisible in IE8. 
  • Control Panel: ui minor fixes
  • Control Panel: Added warning at installation stage for non-writable Backup directory in import/export, added error messages for import/export.
  • Extensions: Bank transfer extension added
  • Extensions: Cheque / Money Order. Order status bug fix.
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