AbanteCart New Version 1.0.1 is now available

  • Friday, 18 May 2012 03:59
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New AbanteCart version and upgrade package are now available for download or upgrade inside your existing AbanteCart

See below release notes: Release Notes:  Version 1.0.1
Major In this version:
  • Control Panel: Extension store update to use real marketplace in connection with Algozone partnership.
  • AData class to manage quick and bulk data extract and update Formats: multidimensional Array, nested XML, CSV
  • Control Panel: Data Import/Export feature
  • Language improvement. Clone of language dynamic date between languages 
  • Improvement in Attributes and options. 
  • Various improvements and fixes. See below:
Fixes and improvements:
  • Fix for Relation of Extension status to application usage status and extension configurations to support multi store
  • Fix for options and option values to handle languages properly. Partial redesign in attributes and product options.
Add resource library to product options.

  • Marketplace update to use real marketplace in connection with Algozone.

  • Backup and restore improvement
- fix for issues with SEO URLs and incorrect layout loaded. 

  • Fix for resource library bugs
- Fix cache problem and improved performance
  • Fix checkbox bug with checked attribute, changed form elements on backup/restore page
  • Fix for SEO and layout issue. Update router to get new RT after SEO rewrite
  • Menu language fix and icon fix
  • Location zones response in json format. Select boxes are in AbanteCart styles.
  • Fixed zones and countries selectboxes at settings/local and settings/store
  • added template hook (order_details) in order_details page
  • Control Panel: warning about install directory existing added
  • Control panel: message box in header now extendable. Depends on message length now.
  • Control Panel: redirect bugfix. Now redirect works correctly after failed login attempt.
  • Core: placeholders of layout header_bottom and footer_top now extendable and can contain few sub-blocks inside.
  • Control Panel: ui language saving bugfix
  • Control Panel: response controller of content-pages small bugfix
  • Core: shipping tax bugfix. Atax now use cache.
  • Control Panel: Backups now will save into admin/system/backup directory
  • Storefront: Fixed few issues on guest checkout pages
  • Storefront: fix for footer issue
  • Various styling and small bugs.
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