AbanteCart New Version 0.9.2 is available

  • Thursday, 16 February 2012 03:59
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New AbanteCart version and upgrade package are now available for download or upgrade

See below release notes: Release Notes: BETA Version 0.9.2 Major In this version:
  • Global Attributes. To provide more scalable solution to set global attributes to be used in various parts of application. Now Only Product Options are supporting global attributes
  • Custom Blocks for Data listing. Provided ability to build custom and automatic listings of data on any page and any block location. Supporting, product, categories, brands and media items listing.
  • Improved selection of products/categories/brands for multivalue type data fields.
  • Improved Control panel grid load speed and overall load for pages.
  • Various improvements and fixes. See below:
  • html-class: attribute label_text for checkbox added
  • calculation for tax zone for customer fixed ( now sets customer's zone as default instead zone from store settings)
  • html-class. Multivalue_hidden and multivalue_list form elements wad added.
  • hook calls changed. Method name of baseObject as second argument was added.
  • ACache methods set, get, delete changed. Calls of it too. 2 args was added - language_id & store_id
  • global attributes added
  • global attributes for product options
  • custom block "listing" support added. Now supports: - auto: "popular products", "media" (RL) - manual: "custom products", "custom categories", "custom brands" Block controller added at storefront section with tpl-files.
  • loadXML() changes in ALayout_manager class. Listing blocks load added.
  • move removeQueryVar function from session class to html
  • move store settings load from index to init
  • add template switch usign 'sf' get parameter
  • add AHook class
  • add browser and device detection in request class
  • Fix for warning with unsetting session if it has expired
  • fix store settings cache name
  • extension resources conflict warning now visible only in debug log
Control Panel:
  • tax class rates. Tax rate per location zone was added.
  • customer grid search form bug in Control panel fixed
  • different ui-bugs fixed
  • tax class edit form bugfix
  • localization->locations edit form ui bugfix
  • Multivalue_list with miltivalue_hidden was added to product->edit->related products.
  • Updated to SEO product keywords to set default value
  • Fix for broken options sample data
  • Fix broken HT aform option, highlight only on change.
  • Package installer bug-fix (extension type "extensions" process added like just "extension")
  • grid tpl bugfix
  • Button "create new block" was added to layout form.
  • fix: no ability to switch template when edit layout - added select box with available templates
  • Admin login with same token issues fix
  • global search will search in product reviews now
  • Donation section in footer of storefront is block now
  • fix: updated admin controllers to have 2 char limit in all places
  • Incorrect shipping cost calculation of 'default_weight' shipping
  • update store model ( fix bug with store url update )
  • update install ( fix default store url )
Note: This is not yet a production copy. We are working on getting a stable release to be out next.
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