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AbanteCart has a new version 1.2.9 Featured

  • Tuesday, 20 December 2016 00:00
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New AbanteCart v1.2.9 is now ready for use. In this new version 1.2.9 we focused on overall core platform improvements based on users' feedbacks, security updates, small new features and bug fixes.

Below are the release notes for version 1.2.9:


  • improvement of ACart library. Added inventory quantity to products list of cart (available quantity)
  • Removed trunk from ASession
  • Added to ARequest class method for getting remote IP of web-user
  • helper/utils.php minor fixes and comments
  • cache file driver improvements
  • added better logging into utils.php
  • minor changes of lib/error.php
  • added redirect function to helper/utils.php. methods with name "redirect" marked as deprecated
  • lib/order.php and lib/cart.php improvements related to hooks and extendability
  • lib/order.php improvements extensions API fix related to arounding of methods
  • lib/customer refactoring
  • Aview improvement
  • lib/cart.php minor fix
  • order_status lib phpdoc comments
  • added column settings into products table of db
  • download lib improvements
  • added php-doc comments into download lib
  • model/checkout/order improvements related to hooks call
  • currency auto-update now works only for default store settings
  • currency / rounding fraction issue fix
  • In Tasks, added task_api_key into installation process for secure run task from browser
  • Password validation fix considering HTML entities
  • Admin password quotes support
  • added phpdoc comment to AController class


  • added disabling coupon button on order confimation page
  • model/checkout/order improvements related to hooks call added trim to account create and guest registration form
  • embed.js minor improvement
  • account/invoice fix
  • model/catalog/product minor fix
  • added prevention from close to embed modal
  • added hookvar for embed product page
  • changes related to order downloads for guest customers
  • product page tpl reformat


  • refactoring of listing_grid response controllers related to hooks.
  • customers grid speedup related to orders count
  • added loading of missing descriptions for language via task-process
  • now task runs via task.php from modal with progressbar
  • sale/order_details tpl improvement (added hookvars)
  • added processData hook call
  • changed $error property to public in some controllers
  • added method getPaymentsWithHandler into extension/setting model
  • changes of product model related to settings column
  • added time for comments on order edit page


  • default_royal_mail fixes related to weight class
  • banner manager minor fix
  • default_stripe version changed to 1.0.1
  • added payment handler to default_stripe extensionMerge remote-tracking branch 'origin/1.2.9' into 1.2.9
  • added items to ecommerce tracking
  • predefined IM URI on guest checkout page 1 fix
  • PayPal handshake error notes
  • Improve transaction submit.
  • Improve extension priority and run order handling.

Thank you for everyone participating in reporting and testing of the issues. Special thanks to RIPS Technologies GmbH for reporting and following trhough with security issues.

Where to download AbanteCart 1.2.9? 

AbanteCart 1.2.9 can be downloaded at Google Drive or on our Github repository. Download ZIP

What about older versions?

Core upgrade from 1.2.8 to new version 1.2.9 is now available. All extensions for prior 1.2 should be compatible with 1.2.9

You can upgrade from admin section clicking on message about upgrade or using abantecart_upgrade_129 installation key in extension installation section.

Enjoy new AbanteCart 1.2.9 and stay connected

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