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  • Saturday, 13 August 2016 00:00
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New AbanteCart v1.2.8 is now available for download.
We continued to put more efforts to improve AbanteCart user's and customer's experience and make AbanteCart stand out in the performance compare to other ecommerce platforms.
As of version 1.2.8, AbanteCart is partnering up with NeoWize to provide Analytics and Insights to stores on our platform. This will allow store owners to see their conversion funnel, find out how well individual products are performing and much more!

New Features and improvements highlight:

  • Improved password encryption and simplified process of password reset.
  • Usability improvement in admin with quick data access
  • Cleaning for install/upgrade history
  • Customers' analytics provided by NeoWize
  • General performance, user and customer experiences improvements


  • added force mode for getting extensions list
  • changed message in case unable to connect to database
  • controllers chain-calls fix.
  • listing_grid/product minor changes
  • Changes related to viewport (page-response for modal view)
  • AResources optimization and speedup
  • ALanguage optimization and speedup
  • ahtml and arescource improvements
  • Amessage minor change
  • AConfig fix
  • XSS fix and changes of ARequest. Added xss_clean method.
  • fix related to ssl-mode
  • AImage minor improvement
  • fix of settings in multi-store
  • sql fix of AResource
  • AConfig fix
  • refactoring of AHtml class
  • Password security update and reset process improvement.
  • Rare case rounding issue fix


  • product_option page. fix related to rl-images for option values when all rows expanded
  • user edit form improvement.
  • upgrade now button on extension edit page
  • cleanup of sale/order page controller
  • extension store fix related to non-connected store and loggedin customer on MP-side
  • added cleaning of install/upgrade history into cache management and history page
  • clean of response controller of extensions store + changed upgrade button on
  • added error reporting to AResource
  • minor changes related to warnings in log
  • added error logging into image model
  • menu items sorting fix
  • model sale/customer improvement
  • css fix of delete confirmation popover
  • mp_api model revert
  • code improvements related to subsql_filter
  • Marketplace product listing and purchase improvment
  • added hook_var into product summary tpl
  • Enable import/export controller to be hook-able.
  • Filtering data for encrypted params.


  • css fix for additional images on product page.
  • sql fix of saving order data of IM related to guest checkout
  • Added redirect from non-secure login page to secure when ssl is on
  • added link to newly created order invoice on success page
  • model checkout order improvement
  • account/downloads pagination fix
  • added hook call into seo_url common controller
  • Fix for current page pagination click
  • API thumbnail fix from ravdeepsingh22
  • Fix for options selection and images load
  • HTTP and HTTPS links improvements
  • Storefront header controller cleanup, removal of backwards compatibility prior to 1.2
  • Account creation, preselect if only one country
  • New getHomeURL() method for storefront


  • db-changes related to longtext instead text column type
  • added constant SERVER_NAME (needed for scheduled tasks that will be run by cron)
  • Discontinue global SALT usage


  • neowize_insights analytics
  • Fix in upgrade process to handle new empty directories.

Where to download AbanteCart? 

AbanteCart can be downloaded at Google Drive or on our Github repository. Download ZIP

What about older versions?

Core upgrade to new version 1.2.8 is now available. All extensions for prior 1.2 should be compatible with 1.2.8

You can upgrade from admin section clicking on message about upgrade or using abantecart_upgrade_128 installation key in extension installation section.

Enjoy new AbanteCart and stay connected

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