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  • Saturday, 14 November 2015 00:00
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New AbanteCart v1.2.5 is now ready for use. In this new version 1.2.5 we focused on improving core platform stability and performance along with adding some new features. We have added features for shoppers to have better experience; new easy to use reCapture v2 from Google and now there is a way to request order cancellation. Italian language was added, thanks to Daniela Stucchi contribution.

New Features and improvements highlight:

  • Order cancellation option for customers
  • Ability for guest customers to access order details
  • Google reCaptcha v2. Easy to use captcha to protect from robots.
  • Italian core language
  • Bootstrap and Fontawesome update


  • changed minimal php version requirement to 5.3
  • Fontawesome v4.4 updarade
  • Bootstrap v3.3.5 upgrade
  • Resource library UI improvement
  • Image processing and memory allocation improvement
  • Language processing improvement and bug fix
  • fix for getBrowserLanguage() related to web
  • bots and empty language
  • code
  • added system check for web
  • access to restricted folders
  • added system check for low PHP memory limit
  • added AOrderStatus class. Changed order status management in admin.
  • Handling single quote issue in language text used in JavaScripts
  • Improvement to files/directories handling in admin/system
  • Add make_writable_dir and is_writable_dir
  • Missed translations for Spanish and Russian languages
  • Image size update for settings shared between admin and storefront
  • Better session ID validation and handling
  • Rare cart rounding issue fix


  • added feature "order cancelation by customer" on SF
  • side
  • added feature for guest customers to access order details
  • added mail.tpl for "create account" email.
  • sql fix related to top 4 of featured products + reformat of code
  • breadcrumbs minor fix
  • Minor HTML and CSS fixes
  • Improvement to cookie handling


  • added critical system check on login page
  • various data grid UI improvements
  • added icon for section into lang_definitions grid
  • periodical ajax system check instead of every page load
  • added htaccess with deny rule to admin/system directory and subs.
  • added phpinfo view on settings/system page
  • added mail.tpl for "send mail" page.
  • added system check before package installer and backup processes
  • ckEditor fixes
  • Form Manager improvements
  • Show crash report and email to AbanteCart team
  • Chosen HTML element selection improvements
  • Extension archive extraction bug fix and improvment


  • Fix to allow authentication without use of cookies.
  • Fix for customer loginname based login and account creation

Where to download AbanteCart 1.2.5? 

AbanteCart 1.2.5 can be downloaded at Google Drive or on our Github repository. Download ZIP

What about older versions?

Core upgrade from 1.2.4 to new version 1.2.5 is now available. All extensions for prior 1.2 should be compatible with 1.2.4

You can upgrade from admin section clicking on message about upgrade or using abantecart_upgrade_125 installation key in extension installation section.

Enjoy new AbanteCart 1.2.5 and stay connected

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