Are you looking to up your website conversion and sales in 2024? Are you struggling to identify which advert types can help you to meet that goal?

Advertising and marketing are two seemingly forever evolving parts of having an online brand, and it can be frustrating to know which option is best for your company, to help get organic traffic to your website.

However, there are some notable trends appearing in 2024 in relation to the most successful advert types, which will be explored here to help you make the best choices going forward for your marketing efforts.

Video Advertising

In 2024, the majority of online marketing is done via videos. It seems that the majority of consumers have a lower tolerance than they used to have for lengthy video ads! 

So, if you are looking to engage in video advertisements, you need to keep them short. With the help of a marketing team such as Click Intelligence, you will be able to cram as much information as needed into any video advertisement or pay-per-click link.

Shoppable Adverts

A shoppable advert allows customers or website users to browse and buy products directly from the advertisement.

By adding a short, shoppable video to your website or as part of an advert, you are likely to notice a huge engagement from site visitors. The well-known brand Fresh Market used on-site shoppable videos and increased engagement rate by over 110% in 2 days! So, with the help of the marketing team, this is worth looking into!

Sound-Off Videos

It was a marketing tactic for quite some time. An advert would start playing and would be louder than the TV show that was on before it. This did grab the attention of potential customers, but it seemed to annoy them more than anything! So, it can be worth looking into advertising your business with sound-off video adverts. This means that if somebody is scrolling through a webpage page and comes across your company video, they will not jump out of their skin and will be more likely to have a positive association with your brand!

Influencer-Backed Adverts

The last few months have been a bit of a mixed bag for influencer-backed adverts.

However, if you are a sports brand, having a sports influencer to back your advert will be more affordable and easier to arrange than a professional sports player. There are many reasons why this kind of advertisement can work. If you are in a set area, such as sports, the people who buy your brand or engage with your services will be likely to know the influencer. Secondly, it 

also helps to boost the influencer's platform, making it an appealing option for everyone involved.

Native Adverts

Have you ever seen an advert that looks out of place on a social media page or other similar platform? 

This can be unappealing to look at and has led to a rise in the popularity of native advertising. This is a type of paid advertisement in which the advert matches the look and function of the media format where it appears. This could be an advert on Facebook looking to have a blue and white color scheme or a moving segment on Instagram. Native ads seamlessly promote a brand to a new audience without interrupting how they are interacting with the website. And it works! Jewellery manufacturer Pandora adopted native adverts and saw a 130% increase in conversion rate in a week, so customers seem to prefer this format to awkwardly positioned adverts.