Writing articles for other sites and blogs can seem counterintuitive. Why share valuable content if you can post it yourself? We all know that the links to your resource are a great way to heighten the site's trustworthiness for search engines and boost traffic. One of the best ways to get such links is by publishing your texts on other blogs. First, it attracts new visitors and increases traffic. Second, it is a good sign for search bots. 

The hardest part of this promotional method is finding reliable blogs with a solid reputation. Here you can find blogs for promoting finance-related companies and eCommerce sites. But before you start, let's discuss top guest blog posting tips in 2022.

The Benefits of Guest Posting

Is this method worth trying? Definitely! Posting your articles on other resources can be useful in many ways. For example:

  1. It attracts target customers and increases organic traffic. Only people who are interested in your services or goods will follow the link. And all you should do for it is to interest the readers with content.
  2. It builds communication with bloggers and influencers who can help with promotion. Sometimes one word from the influencer is more effective than the entire promotional campaign. Try to establish positive connections with famous bloggers in your field.
  3. It improves your place in search results. As you know, Google estimates the resource popularity by the number of links published on other resources. It means that you can heighten your rating and attract traffic at the same time.

For a free and simple method, these are amazing results. You should include it into your promotional strategy and use it to the fullest extent.

Make It Natural

Don't fall for any opportunity to publish the article with the link. First, consider the reputation of the resource. Is it trustworthy? Does it publish articles with quality information? Only if both answers are yes, you can include this resource in your plan. 

Your second concern should be the theme of the blog. It's not only useless to post articles about Ecommerce in blogs for gardening; it can be harmful to your site. Search bots can consider it suspicious activity and ban your resource. If you want to promote your eCommerce store, find an eCommerce blog for publishing your links.

The specific link-building process in the eCommerce area is described in detail on emarketinghacks.com. Use these tips while preparing the publishing materials. Many blogs apply the "write for us" guest posting strategy. It means that they eagerly post the articles appropriate to their theme. It's a wonderful opportunity, and it can bring amazing results if you do it correctly.


Share Valuable Information

Your article should be really valuable for the readers. Don't post things everybody knows. No one will go to your site if they don't receive something first. There are millions of resources on the Internet, and your site has to stand out. Unique and fascinating articles are a good way to achieve this goal. Think about your unique experience and find out the ways to share it with readers. 

Understand that you work for people and not for search mechanisms. Don't ruin your reputation by posting wrong or harmful information. In order to attract organic traffic, use your knowledge and experience. People like to read expert opinions and recommendations.

Hype can attract attention to your resource, but it's a dead-end. This fame is short-term and won't bring you new customers, in the long run. It's better to stick to more safe ways of promotion. Slow and steady wins the race. Place a bet on quality, not on the quick fame.

Use Modern Tools

You may think that you don't need any instruments for guest writing for blogs. What is the use of special programs if you just need a simple post? Well, it's not the truth. In the digital space, there is no such thing as a "simple post." You have to include keys, determine the volume of the article, and find the best anchors for your link.

It's not wise to do it manually. Special programs are much more effective for SEO optimization. This article shows the best instruments you can use to expand your online presence. Some of them can prove useful for writing the post. The most helpful option is finding the main keys. You need to use them in the title and headings to make your post more effective.


More and more companies embed publishing on other blogs into their SEO strategy. This tool doesn't require many resources and time, but its effectiveness is mind-blowing. It helps to kill two birds with one stone and get both new clients and high ratings. Please don't waste this chance to tell about your business and to boost its popularity. Use the recommendation from this article to make your posting experience flawless and avoid mistakes.