Holiday Marketing Ideas for Sales Promotion

Holidays. They bring joy and happiness to every corner of the world. It is a time when families and friends share excitement and exchange gifts showing how much they love and care about each other.

Besides all the festivities and holiday rush, businesses have the most significant opportunities to increase their sales during the holiday periods. However, competition is high here, so to stand out, you have to create strategies, campaigns, and content that would ensure your success during the holiday season.

Do not worry; we got you covered! Let’s look into some ideas on boosting your business and increasing sales for the upcoming holidays.

Promotional Holiday Campaign Ideas

Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Black Friday, St Patrick's Day, Mother's Day – you name it. Countless opportunities lay here and are waiting for you.

Depending on your strengths and weaknesses, you might want to run holiday campaigns on social media, emails, or any other marketing channels.

Here are a few ideas on how you can market your business during this year's holidays.

Arrange a giveaway on your chosen social media platform.

Who doesn’t like gifts, right? By running a holiday-themed giveaway, you will gain new followers and increase your brand awareness. If you are a new business, this is your chance to grow and introduce yourself to your audience. For the already existing businesses, it will not only help to gain potential clients but also will help to build up customer loyalty and create interest.

Before arranging a giveaway campaign, make sure you plan it well: identify the final aims and goals, clearly establish the rules and regulations for the competition and finally, ensure that your giveaway product fits well with the holiday theme!

Launch a new product or service

If you are looking to release a new product or service, there is no better time to do it than a holiday. Besides all the awareness you will get on your new addition, you will increase the chances of this product or service being purchased during that holiday.

People like to try new things, and with your launch, you might be able to ease their headache while looking for something to surprise their loved ones with. It might be precisely the thing your customers were looking for. 

Arrange a Google Ads or Social Media Ads Campaign.

As people will be searching for gifts, being visible on social media platforms and Google search is vital if you want to get the sales going.

You might want to create a seasonal campaign with the products your business is offering and select the keywords to make sure your target audience can see you.

For example, if you are promoting your brand on Valentine’s Day, you might want to include keywords such as love, boyfriend, girlfriend, couple, husband, wife, etc.

To make sure that the potential clients select your business to purchase their holiday gifts, add a little extra incentive such as free shipping, discount for first-time buyers, or a special offer if the customers purchase for more than a specified amount.

Use email marketing to offer your best deals

Emails have become one of the most effective marketing strategies, especially during the pandemic. They are one of the best ways to approach your clients directly.

Besides that, you are able to personalize the content of your email for the segmented groups and increase your chances when boosting your sales. Add your holiday campaign into emails and showcase your offers and deals.

Ensure you attract your recipients with eye-catching, funny, engaging subject lines and appealing content that would be useful and valuable. You can also use email marketing if you are launching a new product or service for the holiday season. It will inform your audience and create interest. To send your holiday season emails we recommend to use Sender email marketing platform.

Holiday Content Ideas

Creating an effective campaign can only be achieved with valuable and engaging content. Let’s look at some content ideas you might want to implement when establishing your holiday campaign. 

Offer LAST MINUTE delivery

It will help to convince the customers who are looking for gifts with very little time left. FREE shipping might also be an option if you are willing to persuade your buyers even more.

Create a to-do list

People are busy with their lives, and sometimes they need effective planning and guidance. With a to-do list, your audience will be able to keep up with all the things they must complete before the holiday.

Arrange special offers

To attract the customers, you might want to provide them with discounts and deals, making them purchase from your brand. People are looking to save money and still surprise their loved ones, so use this chance to increase your customer base.

Suggest holiday gifts

Customers are overwhelmed with the variety of products and services brands are offering. Ease their pain and provide them with a list of top gifts they can purchase for different segmented groups (Top gifts for kids, him/her, mother/father, etc.).

Let’s Recap The Best Holiday Marketing Practises

We have now provided you with ways to boost your holiday sales by using strategic marketing campaigns and content.

Remember, with excellent planning and preparation, you will be able to deliver stunning holiday ads, deals, and offers to your potential and existing clients.

Let’s recap the best holiday marketing practices which will help you stand out from your competitors and achieve your business goals:

  1. Use giveaways to attract a new audience and increase brand awareness.

  2. Use the holiday to introduce your audience to a new product or service.

  3. Create Google and Social Media Ads and add the keywords to be visible to your target market.

  4. Consider email marketing to present your offers and create valuable content with catchy subject lines to stand out.

  5. Offer free shipping or last-minute delivery to get the buyers who have limited time to purchase the gifts.

  6. Provide your clients with a to-do list and help them prepare for the holiday.

  7. Include special offers, deals, and discounts for each celebration to encourage purchases.

  8. Suggest gifts to be purchased by showing your clients what you offer based on different segmented groups.

  9. Last but not least - make sure the campaigns, content, and products/services you offer are relatable to that specific holiday.