AbanteCart Development Roadmap

See what we are working on and planning (Updated Apr 9, 2019)

Import Wizard Ability to accept and map any structured CSV import files with products, categories and manufacturers. Completed for 1.2.10
CardConnect Integration Integrate into CardConnect to comply with PCI Completed for 1.2.10
AvaTax integration Integration into Avalara AvaTax to simplify tax calculations Completed for 1.2.14
Improve stock tracking Stock Locations Completed for 1.2.14
Recurring Billing Ability to offer products and services with recurring payment. Provide ability to extend to any supporting payment system Planned for v2.0
Order edit audit Ability to edit orders with audit trail. Order edits will have a better process flow with original order cancellations or order split Planned for v2.0
Cloud Backup Ability to back up and restore to and from cloud
Planned for v2.0
Support for ZIP Currently TAR and GZ are used for compressed files. Add support with ZIP archive format for extensions and backup  Planned for v2.0
Theme editor for HTML5 storefront Branding manager and theme editor for HTML5 template with LESS CSS. Ability to edit colors, fonts and backgrounds Planned for v2.0
B2B and Multivendor Provide more B2B features and Multi-Vendor support Planned for v2.0
Add support for Postgres database Add driver and support for PostgreSQL database and relational database approach Planned for v2.0
SQL Transactions Add functionality to work with MYSQL transactions for batch and complex data load and update Planned for v2.0
Improve CMS Slightly improve CMS features to offer categories, posts, article attributes.  In planning

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