The eCommerce landscape has been witnessing stiff competition like never before. Online brands are engaging in strategic warfare to grab the attention of potential buyers. Retaining customers' loyalty and motivating them to make return purchases have become difficult.

If you run an eCommerce venture, how do you expect to withstand such headwinds and emerge successful? You can accomplish this with well-executed marketing across all digital and offline touchpoints.

Strategies For Successful eCommerce Marketing

E-commerce stores contributed 19% of global retail sales in 2021. The figure is projected to rise to a quarter of net worldwide retail sales by 2026. This phenomenal forecast suggests that there is still significant scope to expand your eCommerce business and rope in new customers.

For driving highly qualified, ready-to-convert organic traffic to your website, you need a failsafe and effective plan to revitalize your business. This holistic plan should be founded on marketing strategies discussed below.

Try To Exceed Customer Expectations

Your online store must be organized in a manner that can facilitate:

  • Ease of intuitive searching, adding items to cart, and navigation

  • Faster loading on all browsers (optimize images or videos that slow your site down)

  • The optimized browsing experience on mobile devices

  • Quick response to customers' queries through AI chatbot, live support, call function, etc.

You can win customers' trust only when your store offers them an experience that measures up to their expectations.

Offer Relevant Recommendations For Up-Selling and Cross-Selling Products

The sale quantity and revenue of your online store can go up significantly if:

  • It offers suggestions for better, advanced, and expensive versions of products the buyer is ready to add to the shopping cart (up-selling)

  • It spontaneously tempts customers into buying additional products that can add better value to the products currently being purchased (cross-selling)

Often, the customer is unaware of the existence of a better version of the shopped product or cannot visualize how another product can enhance the efficiency or value of the product being purchased. Your store's AI bots need to make these processes intuitive by showcasing relevant items on the product page.

The price of the suggested product should not be significantly higher than the anchor price of the original product.

Rank Higher on Google Search With Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO will drive more traffic to your eStore. To make your website link appear in opening pages of relevant search queries, you need to perform on-site optimizations for higher SERP (Search Engine Result Page) ranking.

Some important things your eStore designer must do have been outlined below.

  • Integrate short and long tail keywords in product descriptions and URL

  • Display images of products from various perspectives; incorporate targeted keywords in the image's Alt text

  • Keyword-rich title tag and meta description

  • Informative product page with customer ratings, cost, shipping info, etc.

  • Google crawler-friendly site architecture with product categories and sub-categories

Leverage The Potential Of Videos

You can post videos on product pages that will demonstrate the usability of respective products. Also, consider hiring influencers who will make videos of unboxing products and showcasing their use in the home setting.

For DIY, you need a good video editor that offers the capability of seamlessly transforming image to video to serve your purpose. Always conclude the videos with a strong call to action.

Incorporate The Wishlist Option In Product Pages

A casual site visitor can be converted into a customer and brand advocate if you make way for sharable wishlist functionality.

The visitor can add those items to the wishlist which capture their attention, but their limited budget may not allow instant purchase. They can later return to buy things from the wishlist.

You can also send email reminders telling that the stock is running out or attractive discounts have been made available. This shall drive the prospect to buy products sooner.

Also, the consumer can share the wishlist on social media, and that can spread the word about your store through passive promotion.

Have a Dedicated Customer Review Section on Product Pages

Prospects are more willing to buy products, particularly the expensive ones, if the product's superiority and efficiency are endorsed by past customers.

Feedback and higher ratings by satisfied customers can motivate fresh buyers like nothing else.

Throw Irresistible Offers And Discounts To Entice Customers

Everyone like freebies or concessions on price. Consider:

  • Offering good discounts during festive seasons

  • Organizing flash sales for select targets

  • Distributing promo codes and coupons to influencers for better product ad

  • Giving away freebies to clear your inventory

Such attractive offers will make more people enthusiastic about purchasing from your online store.

Promote Your eStore On Instagram

Engage people on Instagram, the social platform that commands a huge fan following, strategically with eye-catching product images, quirky captions, and sharable hashtags.

Enhance your brand's organic presence with contests, offer announcements, information about product utility, etc. Connect with influencers whom people admire to promote your products and provide reviews that can sway leads.

Engage In Aggressive Content Marketing

Your eStore will be frequented by a higher number of interested leads if you post informative and persuasive content regularly on authorized blogs and popular sites.

Inform prospects about the multiple benefits of different products on sale. Highlight how specific products can meet the requirements of people of different age groups.

Grab trending memes, for example, and adapt your products to the elements that make them go viral.

Optimize Email Marketing

You can monetize from email marketing by:

  • Sending welcome emails to new leads who had signed up on your website's email list

  • Offering quick info on discounts being offered or stock being replenished to leads who had added products to the wishlist

  • Triggering reminder mails with seductive subject lines and discount offers to prospects who had abandoned their shopping carts

  • Asking feedback from past customers about shopping and shipping experiences

  • Recommending new products to existing customers based on their past buying histories

Advertise Intensively Through All Available Channels

You can widen your customers' network by:

  • Starting affiliate marketing program by offering commissions to people who drive sales

  • Broadcasting info about products through podcasts

  • Setting up a FaceBook store to entice social media users

  • Pinning product images and descriptions on Pinterest

  • Utilizing the PPC and Shopping Ads of Google

  • Rewarding loyal customers and asking them to be your brand advocates


You can also do a competitor analysis to figure out the successful marketing strategies your brand rivals are leveraging to grab attention. You can adapt them to your unique conditions to target the right customers. Remember, personal touch in marketing always yields positive results.