Residential proxies route your internet traffic through an intermediary server and allow you to choose a specific country, city, or mobile carrier where you can surf the web as a real user in that area. 

Many users prefer residential proxies as they are comparatively better and safe. With trusted internet providers, you can access their network of millions of IP addresses and perform your tasks efficiently. 

But do companies really need residential proxies? This article will walk you through the working of these proxy servers along with relevant use cases. 

How Do Residential Proxies Work? 

The internet provider assigns you an alternative IP address to process your search requests. All your search requests go from the provided IP address to the proxy server from where it reaches the resource server. 

The high-anonymity level and low block rate make them a preferred choice. The provided IP address belongs to an actual device. Due to this, the sites perceive your activity like any other regular user, yet you remain anonymous. The block rate is negligible since the IP addresses come from trusted internet providers. 

You have the option of choosing between static and rotating a residential proxy. You are provided a new IP address for every request in rotating IPs. Moreover, some providers also give access to the same IP address for 30 minutes.

Lastly, while choosing your provider, make sure you can integrate proxies with all significant automation bots.

Let’s now take a detailed look at the use cases of residential proxies: 

Make The Most Of Your Advertising Budget Through Ad Verification 

Do you know that the total cost of ad fraud is set at $34 billion, predicted to reach $87 billion in 2022? 

Ad verification is a process followed by digital advertisers to ensure their ads appear in front of a real targeted audience on appropriate sites. With time ad fraud is drastically increasing as hackers, and black hatters find ways to portray fake traffic on their sites. It’s common to run an ad bot or a fake ad site these days. 

Here are some common ad frauds you can save yourself from using residential proxies:

Impression Laundering

Some ads are solely running based on impressions which motivate individuals to practice impression laundering. They stack in a massive amount of money based on impressions that, in reality, weren’t there. The ads are generally reduced to a pixel size, hidden beneath other information or behind the main page.

Ad Click Fraud 

Automating ad clicks through ad bots causes maximum damage to advertisers. They even create fake accounts that give an idea of actual human interaction with the ads. Furthermore, their ideas are continually evolving to rob advertising funds successfully. 

Fake Website Traffic

Fake website traffic is the traffic generated using bots or software. The bots mimic human interaction and give an impression someone is viewing the website. As a result, the ad space becomes more expensive. Advertisers/marketers lose millions of dollars due to fake web traffic every year. The fraudsters achieve their agenda by inflating the overall ad views. Moreover, they create a website image that entices marketers and increases the overall website selling price.

Why Do Companies Need Residential Proxies For Catching Ad Frauds? 

Many advertising and marketing companies rely on residential proxies to catch ad frauds. Proxies are essential during this step, as a unique IP address will prevent fraudsters from blocking site access. You are likely to keep them on the radar instead of checking once. Companies can easily detect ad frauds and take appropriate steps with millions of IP addresses. 

Helps In Web Scraping

Researching your competition is one of the significant factors contributing to the success of online marketing. Web scraping is obtaining a large number of website data using bots. You can acquire all relevant data about your competition, analyze their strategies, and plan your next moves accordingly. The process is easily tackled with residential proxies as rotating proxies support mass scraping. They are preferred over other proxies as they work efficiently during large-scale scraping on platforms like Google, LinkedIn, etc. 

Maintain A Competitive Pricing 

If you are in an industry with heavy competition, pricing becomes a crucial factor in surviving in the market. To keep your sales high, you need to keep up with the current market price trends. Rotating residential proxies help businesses acquire information about the ongoing price trends. You can charge your products or services accordingly by being updated with the instant market price updates. 

Avoiding this step often leads to overpriced products people won’t purchase or recommend. Using appropriate sales intelligence software is another core factor in determining the proper pricing updates. Residential proxies allow using different software to acquire accurate information for crucial business decisions. 

Access To Snickers & Ticket Websites 

Scraping data from snicker sites is comparatively tricky due to the industry's identity theft, design copying, and purchase limitations. However, residential proxies will help you acquire all relevant information without any restrictions. 

On the other hand, residential proxies are best suited for scraping data from ticket websites. You can easily compare ticket prices among various providers. 

Achieve Exceptional Marketing Results 

You can shape your marketing strategies after acquiring relevant information about the competition. Make the most of ad automation, social media campaigns, email automation, etc., to boost your market reach and connect with your target audience. 

Social Media Management Made Easy

Social media plays a crucial role in online marketing. A strong social presence is essential to reach your targeted audience. You can easily create and manage multiple social accounts using residential proxies. In the end, making the most of the proper social channels is the way to go. 

Improve Overall Site Performance

You can improve your organic reach as residential proxies support different SEO tools. Begin by making your website multilingual and increasing your audience base. Next, work on using the right tools to create meaningful links for your site. Lastly, use audit and crawling tools to improve your overall performance. 

Final Thoughts

Residential proxies are extremely helpful for understanding your competitors, efficiently using your ad budget, and improving your overall site performance. Start researching your available options and choose an appropriate internet provider to get started today!