At present, one of the latest e-commerce trends that has a huge impact on business performance is the headless approach. According to Yottaa, more than 60% of retailers are ready to leverage this business model to their commerce. And it’s no surprise since this strategy implies much better flexibility of your site and faster accommodation of the numerous service and system improvements by simply separating the front-end and back-end parts of the e-commerce platform. 

With this tactics implementation, brands can, for instance, effectively accommodate the updates for a user experience enhancement without the need to engage more labor or resources to make any changes to the back-end system, and vice versa. But is this system really a must-have for your business model?

Today, we’ll uncover the most essential benefits you’ll get from the headless commerce approach.

Main Benefits of Headless Commerce Strategy

The 3rd annual eCommerce Leaders Survey Report on Site Performance has indicated that around 62% of eCommerce executives from the industry’s biggest brands are concerned that headless commerce can significantly improve customer engagement and enhance business conversions. In fact, there are much more benefits this business model can bring to your commerce and its consumers. 

Innovative Technologies for Launching More Visionary, Faster Sites

With the headless strategy, developers can freely implement and test the new technologies, more comfortable for users. The thing is they don’t need to adjust their improvements to the requirements of the traditional CMS, unlike it is with the traditional eCommerce model. 

As a result of better flexibility, it becomes much easier and much faster to house and deliver the content using the CMS, DXP, or Internet of Things devices. For the customers, such a change means a better user experience, which will lead to their better conversion than on the traditional eCommerce platforms. 

Higher Conversion Rates and Lower Client Acquisition Spendings

At present, it becomes more and more challenging to capture the clients’ interest, which for any eCommerce means higher acquisition costs due to the strong competition in paid ads. 

However, the headless commerce strategy is an efficient yet profitable way of redirecting these spendings! The main focus of this method implies a strong focus on increasing the lifetime customers via the Organic traffic channel instead of relying on the unstable effect of the advertising campaigns. 

Instead of paid ads campaigns, headless is mainly targeted to increase user engagement and boost the business conversion using content- or experience-led strategies. Thus, it can not only reduce the costs needed to maintain the competitiveness of your eCommerce platform but also enhance the online presence of your business and establish a strong traffic channel regardless of whether or not you run an ad campaign. 

Better Employee Engagement 

Another great feature of a headless commerce model is that it enables efficient employee adoption of the new technologies, even if they lack a specific technical background. That is why the team members are free to access and operate the front end without advanced skills in programming. Additionally, this reduces the time, costs, and resources required to get new workers up to speed, so they can easily start their work. 

Consistency Across the Front End and Back End Channels

As a rule, any changes to the eCommerce website are run by the developer’s team. The businesses with the headless commerce model can instead adopt any site improvements independently with no assistance from the IT team. This results in a shorter time frame needed for the new technologies implementation and testing, and also a way more efficient working performance of each channel targeted on the platform enhancement: they’ll contribute to different aspects of the common eCommerce upgrade strategy. 

The Agile Marketing Establishment

The headless model can ensure faster and more efficient employment of the innovative technologies as and when they arise, which is both important for the business and its customers as well. The marketers receive more control under the multiple campaigns and are able to set up the new projects in just a few days. Thus, instead of months of waiting for the campaign launch and its results, the team will be able to analyze its performance much faster!

Wrapping Up

At present, it becomes really challenging for eCommerce businesses to keep up with the new trends in this industry and still be able to maintain competitiveness within any scope. With the headless commerce strategy, your team will be able to independently work on different aspects of the commerce improvement, and deliver better results in shorter time frames. Targeted on giving more freedom to both the front-end and back-end channels, it enables running different projects and adopting the latest technologies to your business. 

Needless to say, the more and the better engagement your business will provide, the bigger are the chances for your brand to obtain lifetime customers!