By 2040, 95% of customers will buy stuff online. As staggering as this number looks, the Internet needs to be more secure for this prediction to come true. 

Without appropriate ecommerce website security, it is impossible to facilitate online buying at such a large scale, courtesy of data breaches.  

Data breaches regularly happen even with mega websites that claim to have the best security. 

In 2020’s first half itself, 540 data breach cases got reported. It goes to say that websites are missing out on an essential security protocol, aka an SSL certificate.

What is an SSL Certificate?

Introduced in 1995, an SSL certificate is a security protocol that protects website data from getting stolen or manipulated. 

An SSL certificate encrypts sensitive information through public and private keys over the unsecured network such as the Internet and decrypts it for the receiver. 

In this transit, no other person can access or witness the data transfer as it gets transferred over an isolated network. 

SSL eliminates the possibility of hacking and data theft creating a safe environment between the client and the webserver (the sending and receiving party). 

Even a cheap SSL certificate works as effectively as a costly one. The process of encryption and decryption remains the same regardless of the price.

What does an SSL certificate consist of?

An SSL certificate consists of a cryptographic key that stores the details of the certificate holder. 

But if you don’t have an SSL certificate, all the details justifying your authenticity will be absent. 

Wondering what those details are? 

Well, here are the details that your SSL certificate consist of:

  • Your name or your company’s name. 
  • Your serial number and certificate’s expiry date. 
  • Copy of your certificate’s public key. 
  • Digital sign of your certificate issuer. 

How does an SSL Certificate work?

An SSL certificate can be categorized into a handshake protocol and a record protocol. 

A handshake protocol is used to facilitate the establishment of a connection between the server and the client. 

It also defines the type of cryptographic keys that both the server and the client are using for communication. 

However, the record protocol defines how a sender will exchange information, how he will prepare it for sending and, how it will get decrypted, etc. 

Once the data gets authenticated, both the client and server-side establish cipher settings and a key that they will share to encrypt the data exchange during the entire session. 

All this goes invisible both for the user and the hacker. SSL2BUY provides the best certificate that will establish an appropriate connection between the client and the server. 

What is the significance of an SSL certificate in 2021?

Although an SSL certificate is of extreme significance to an ecommerce website where people enter their usernames, passwords, sign up for forms, and add credit/debit card details, in 2021, Google wants every website to have it as a mark of authenticity. 

Search engines like Google want their users to enter a safe and secure environment, which is why they generally flag websites that do not have an SSL certificate installed. 

Whether it is a cheap SSL certificate or a costly one, it shows how committed you are to protecting user information as customers offer more interest in secure websites. 

Benefits of having an SSL certificate

  1. Information becomes invisible to hackers.

When you pass a piece of information, it transmits between multiple computer systems. 

If your data is not secure and is open for everybody to see, they can manipulate it according to their convenience and even steal it.

But, if you have an SSL certificate installed then, the information transfer will get encrypted, and no computer with an evil intention (or even a good intention) in transit can see what is being transferred except the receiver.  

Thus, it makes your information invisible to hackers through encryption. 

  1. Built a sense of trust among the customers

Every customer is looking for the most feasible website to buy from. They are smart enough to know the importance of their data. 

They won’t just deliberately handover their credit/debit card, username, and password details. You need to earn their trust, and an SSL certificate can surely help you in that. 

When customers see that their details are getting stored under the protection of a green padlock, they do not hesitate to share their details. 

It will help you in building an appropriate brand image and customer satisfaction at the same time.

  1. Improves your search rankings

Search engines like Google provide a small lift to websites that have an SSL certificate installed. 

Google views them as an authentic website that will add value to its user experience, so it ranks SSL secure websites over those who are unsecure. 

Only secure websites can rank on the top of Google’s SERP in 2021. The search engine is planning to flag websites that do not have an SSL certificate. 

So, if you want to be the top-ranked website in 2021, you have to install an SSL certificate. 

  1. It helps you stay away from legal repercussions. 

Not only does SSL protect your website from outside threats, but it also keeps you clear of legal problems that may arise due to compromise in consumer data security. 

SSL helps you in complying with DSS PCI standards so that no credit card or bank fraud can take place from your website. 

In case a customer sues you in court for stealing his information or his money, you can show your DSS and PCI complied SSL certificate in your defense and save loads of money. 

Modern courts do consider SSL certificates as proof that you are operating an authentic website. 

To Conclude

An SSL certificate is like your shop’s protection system. It protects you from cyber thieves that are on a constant lookout for pray. 

Having a strong SSL certificate from an authentic provider like SSL2BUY is the need of every website that facilitates the exchange of goods/services for money. 

So, get an SSL certificate installed today and keep your website and customer data in safe hands.